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  • Icon Medical Clinic: A Case Study

    Icon Medical Centers Accident Clinic offers services to individuals who reside in and around the city of Miami, including residents of the Brickell neighborhood. At our accident clinic, we provide treatment for a variety of conditions and injuries. Injuries Sustained in Vehicle Accidents Many of our patients have sustained injuries due to automobile or motorcycle accidents; therefore, we know how to work with various car insurance companies and attorneys. Moreover, we treat patients who become…

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  • Coral Mine Death Case Study

    before P. R. China was established and has been used to fuel the rapid economics development in recent decades. However, a spate of accidents happened every year with large number of injuries have put the spotlight again on Chinese coal industry. Attentions all over the world have been drawn on China coral fatalities. In recent years, measurably improvements on accident prevention have been made by the government. China has announced continuing progress in reducing coal mine loss of life,…

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  • How Does Sleep Deprivation Affect Human Motor?

    America stated that 60% of adult drivers (around 168 million people) said they drove feeling drowsy in the year of 2004, about 37% (approximately 103 million people) reported to have fallen asleep while driving, and 4% said they had experienced an accident because they were tired while driving (NSF, 2016). There are also estimations of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of 100,000 police reported crashes resulting of driver fatigue each year, this estimation takes us to 1,550…

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  • Should Cell Phones While Driving Be Banned?

    therefore, not so many accidents. Six years later, the most popular mobile phone is IPhone by Apple. Many people buy those mobiles because they use social media, Bluetooth, the internet, and apps, listen to music, take better photo, or save documents with other technology. Several people become distracted when they receive messages, calls, or notifications while driving, because they pick up the phone to answer it. Using cell phones while driving should be banned to help decrease accidents,…

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  • British Airways Flight 5390 Case Study

    British Airways Flight 5390 Accident The aviation accident that will be discussed in this paper is the British Airways Flight 5390. The accident happened on June 10, 1990 during the plane’s flight from Birmingham airport to Malaga, Spain. The plane took off at 7:20 am local time at the Birmingham airport with 81 passengers, four cabin crews and two flight crews. The plane was captained by Tim Lancaster, an experienced pilot with 11,050 flight hours, and co-piloted by Alastair Achison, also an…

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  • Phone While Driving

    Using Cell Phone While Driving Using cellphones while driving is extremely dangerous not only for the driver but also for other people driving on the road. To avoid accidents caused by the use of cell phones on the road, usage of mobile phones should be banned. Mobile users are not only risking their life but also putting the life of innocent civilians at risk. Governments should take serious action in this regard and pass specific rules and regulations banning the use of cell phone on the…

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  • The Neccesity Of Nuclear Energy By Bruno Comby

    Neccesity Of Nuclear Energy In the text “Power and Energy, The Benefits of Nuclear Energy”, Bruno Comby (2008) mentions that the neccesity of nuclear energy. He says that we must use the more sustainable energy sources for our future. In his opinion, we have to utilize nuclear energy source more than the other energy sources for environment. He believes that nuclear energy is a clean, safe and dependable energy source. Nuclear power should be deployed rapidly to take the place of coal, oil and…

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  • Motorcycle Safety Research Paper

    you ever thought that the amount we pay for goods can have an effect on other things in life? Take a look at motorcycle accidents around the world in developed and developing countries. Do you think that the price of gas, or the price have an effect on the amount of accidents? A group of people in California had the same question, and what they found was that motorcycle accidents increased when gas prices went up. They also noted that the price for a new motorcycle is considerably less than…

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  • Program Logic Model

    to reduce the number of drivers under the influence. While in the short run the main concern (outcome) is to reduce the number of accidents due to drivers under the influence. In this sense, this evaluation will try to answer the question of whether the Lei Seca Operation in Rio de Janeiro has an immediate and/or continuous negative effect on the number of accidents resulting from drivers under the influence. Research Design To be able to assess the program impact it is believed that the…

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  • Workplace Safety Case Study

    matter. Therefore, day by day the increasing number of case of an accident in the workplace have been reported. (DOSH, 2014). Recently, there is an accident happen in the site construction which involve deceased was happen in Putrajaya. (The Star, 24.3.2015) This accident resulted the death of 4 people. It happen because of the carelessness or negligence of the workers who not following the rules…

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