Personal Narrative: The Day I Working At Zaxby's Near My Home

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I had been working at the Zaxby’s near my house for about a year. I worked often so I was very familiar with the route to the restaurant. One day in July, I had woken up and gotten ready for work just like I had done for every other shift for the past year. I got in the car buddy that I practically call my brother who goes by zach, he started the engine and we were on our way. We had stopped at a stop sign and were heading towards a light. As my friend pulled forward to approach the light, I noticed a car to the right of me. It did not seem like he had enough time to stop at his stop sign and before I knew it he had hit the side of the car where I was sitting. My head whipped to the left so hard that it knocked the spit out of my mouth and had splattered all over the windshield. Our car spun out but luckily my friend had stopped it right before it had crossed into the highway, luckily. The other vehicle continued to accelerate even after hitting us and had ran straight into a brick wall. The first thing I said when the …show more content…
This could have gone really bad and I wouldn 't be here right now but instead i’m here continuing to build off the knowledge I learn in everyday life . Knowledge may come in ways that will make your day as well as come into a way that can wreck your day, literally . Just no matter how life may throw it at you it’s only to work out for your best in the future . In conclusion , i’m glad the events that happen in my past occurred so when i’m faced with real world problems I have a solution I can refer to in order to get through those problems. The people you meet in life will not always be there to brighten your day , sometimes there there just to help build knowledge in order to get through a day . Life can bring knowledge into your life any way shape, form, or fashion

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