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  • Personal Narrative: I Believe I Can Touch The Sky

    “I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky…” - R. Kelly (singer/songwriter). Roughly 20 million people in the U.S. have a fear of flying. I am not one of those people. I have wanted to be at the controls since I was in diapers. I believe that flying a plane was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life, while being the scariest thing I have ever done. By getting ready for my flight, flying the plane and landing the plane, without crashing, I learned that if you put your mind…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Space Technology

    In addition to this, space technology has helped to form strong partnerships with different nations through collaborations such as the International Space Station(ISS) to solve global challenges. It has also given rise to a new cultural aspect by introducing a new perspective to humanity in the solar system. (NASA,…

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  • Why Is It Worth To Explore Space

    Why is it worth to continue exploring space In this essay, I am going to teach you why is it worth to explore the space. There are many reasons why it is worth to explore space and travel there. Space exploring is good because, we can learn why is the place where we live is like this and we can use it for our own advantages. Even though it is worth to explore and study space, there are also good reasons why not to explore space. Here, I will give 3 examples of them. First, 20 people have…

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  • Overpopulation

    Currently, there are 1.015 billion cars in use in the world. 97% of these cars are gasoline powered. However, in thirty-seven years, the fuel powering these machines will be gone ("Worldometers - Real Time World Statistics." Para 2). Oil is non-renewable and will take millions of years to even begin to replenish. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only non-renewable resource that is near exhaustion. Coal will be gone in about 150 thousand days and if continued to be used by the world at the current…

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  • Project Management Culture: Case Study On Detech

    Project Management Culture: Case Study on DeTech The case study, “What Helps Us Come This Far?” (Milosevic, Patanakul, and Srivannaboon 2010), is an excellent example of positive project and program culture contributing to extraordinary achievements for the Defense Support Program (DSP) at the global defense and technology company DeTech. Within DeTech, the DSP is a major program of the Space Technology sector, and partners with the government to produce satellites and other space system…

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  • Who Moved My Cheese Book Report

    When he did, he carved ”If You Do Not Change, You Can Become Extinct" on the wall of Cheese Station C for Hem. Hem continues to fear the unknown and refuses the new cheese due to his Haw’s disappointment. Haw decides to continue on with hunt for cheese and heads back into the maze. He gives himself hope and motivation through the writings on the wall. He, then, comes path with Cheese Station N. This station had vast amounts of cheese. Haw found what he was looking for and then wanted and hoped…

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  • Space Race Research Paper

    Michael Fann Timothy Gleason Modern American History - HIST101 October 13, 2014 The Space Race Beginning in 1958 the United States government deemed it imperative, due to a multitude of reasons, to expand its aeronautical prowess and space presence. The agency that was spawned from these motivations was non-other than NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Agency). Many would argue that this bureau was developed in direct correlation to the Soviet’s launch of the world’s first artificial satellite…

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  • Substantial Funding For Space Exploration

    Knowledge is one of the most powerful qualities known to man. People around the world desire to be smarter than the next due to their thirst for intelligence. As a proud nation, America is no exception. From the revolutionary war to the ongoing international affairs, they have had a strong will to be the absolute best at everything. Space exploration is one of the many possible routes that can be taken to reach that desire. Substantial funding for NASA would allow them to create space…

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  • Alfonso Cuaron: Gravity Film Analysis

    The film I chose to watch is Alfonso Cuaron’s film, Gravity. The film is less of sci-fi and more of space thriller. I chose to watch this film because I have always been a fan of thriller films and this film is different and one of its kind. Especially watching the film in 3-D is worth. Most 3-D films are more like a gimmick but this is film achieves real depth and spatial awareness for the viewer. Perhaps, the film makes you breathless with excitement. To me, the film was more than a…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of NASA

    What is known about our universe is limited. Humans are constantly seeking to push past these limitations without realizing that it is also us, humans, who put them there. In order to learn to overcome these obstacles and figure out how to dip our toes into the pool of knowledge full of answers we desperately seek, space agencies were created. The most well known and credible space agency, till this date, is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration(NASA). It is a government-owned agency…

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