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  • Peter Singer Speciesism

    In “Speciesism and the Equality of Animals”, Peter Singer advocates against the use of animals in satisfying the needs of humans, and placing the interests of the humans above those of other species (277). Singer utilizes the term “speciesism” to describe this prejudice, which Singer finds to be no different than racism and sexism, and questions the exploitation of nonhumans by illustrating how one is not entitled to exploit another due to higher intelligence (277). In addition, Singer cites a…

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  • Taxidermist Research Paper

    What are the skills and education to become a taxidermist? Taxidermy is the art of preserving dead animals and making them look like they are alive. All taxidermist have to understand the anatomy of the animal they are working with in order to be able to preserve the animal. They have to have good people skills so they are able to have a good relationship with the person they are dealing with. Some of the things a taxidermist have to do before he can begin working with the animal is to skin the…

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  • Zerhouni's Arguments In Favor Of Animal Testing

    However, Dr. Elias Zerhouni stands at a completely different viewpoint. In his words, “The problem is that animal testing hasn’t worked, and it’s time we stopped dancing around the problem.” That is why the world’s most forward-thinking scientists have moved on to develop and use methods for studying diseases and testing products that replace animals and are actually relevant to human health. Modernised, improved methods now include sophisticated tests using human…

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  • Ethical Treatment Of Animals In Captivity

    Imagine a world where animals are the dominant species, and they would treat humans; just the same way we treat them. Animal Cruelty is one of the major problems in our society. There are many examples of Animal Cruelty, but today’s most viral examples of Animal Cruelty are: The Treatment of Animals in Captivity, the Gruesome Shelter Conditions, Animal Experimentation, and Animal Skinning. The 14th Amendment of the US Constitution proclaims that all persons should be treated equally because they…

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  • Cane Toad Research Paper

    The cane toad, also known as the giant toad or marine toad, is n amphibian that is about 15 centimeters long and weighs about three pounds. Cane toads are a yellowish-brown color with dry, warty skin and a spotted belly. * Originally introduced to Australia by Hawaii, the cane toad is now native to South and Central America, Mexico, and extreme southern Texas. This toad was introduced to Australia from Hawii in June of 1935 by the Bureau of Sugar Experiment Stations to help control the cane…

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  • Why Do We Need Animals In Captivity

    Life in Captivity People think animals are better off in captivity because they are ‘taken care of’, but why is there so much controversy on a topic like this is they're better off in captivity? Although we still have animals in captivity to this day I feel like it should be stopped. Having animals in captivity is basically having them locked up like prisoners. They get taken away from their natural environment and placed in an artificial environments. Yes animals in captivity may be fed and…

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  • Explain Why All Animal Owners Should Be Able To Own Exotix Pets

    I think that animal owners should be able to own exotix pets. Like snakes, and different types birds. They should be able to have them as long as they do not abuse their right to have them. Such as letting them loose, killing them, or even letting them into parks where children play. You should not own one of these pets if children in the house are under 5 years old, this is because the child may think that it is a stuffed animal or a toy, and try to pick it up and it bite them, and cause harm…

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  • Tuberculosis In The Hotel Dump

    Sapolsky Essay on Tuberculosis in the Hotel Dump A man named Robert Sapolsky traveled to Kenya every year to study a particular baboon troop for his research. Sapolsky described his experience, “…suddenly they are all around you and you choke up and swim in them— who looks exactly the same, who has aged, who has a new scar, who has new pubescent muscles…. And, of course, you see who is no longer there.” One day, the wardens mentioned to Sapolsky that the baboons were “falling out of trees”…

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  • The Capuchin Monkey Experiment

    Capuchin monkeys are some of the most interesting primates of the animal kingdom. It is highly likely that the first time a person encountered a capuchin monkey is not in person, but in a comedy movie featuring a capuchin as the main character’s comedic sidekick or pet. Some people may even adopt capuchins monkeys to raise as pets since they are highly intelligent animals with the ability to be taught skills and instructions. However, researchers often discourage this since capuchin monkeys…

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  • Animal Cadavers Persuasive Essay

    1. Yes the students are acting ethically. The students do not want to hurt the animals. The students are going to school to help the animals. There are over 20 million stray animals in the United States. Each student must take an oath that they will do their job and help each animal. This shows that each student is going to do their job right reason. Each of the animal cadavers is treated with respect. 2. There are over 20 million stray animals in the u.s. using cadavers will help take animals…

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