Benefits Of Animal Testing

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Is it advantageous or more harmful to continue medical testing on animals? Over one hundred million animals are burned, crippled and abused in laboratories each year (“11 facts about animal testing” Wed). Most of the animals being tested have little to no legal protection, laboratories where the animal testing takes place do not follow the few rights that animals do have. These animals in the labs experience mental and physical cruelty for research that is not going to benefit them in any way later on. The animals being experimented on usually end up dead at the end of the research process. Researchers use animals when testing new medications for life threating diseases because animals are an effective model for the human body. Animals …show more content…
Laboratories use animals because they share most of the same genes with humans, especially mice and rats. The use of animals in labs can be cruel. There are some animal rights that have been passed but sadly most of the animals are not legally protected. Many researchers don’t follow the rights of animals, such as the Animal Welfare Act and United States Department of Agriculture regulations. At any testing facility, there has to be an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) to oversee and evaluate the institution’s animal care in their program. The IACUC‘s responsibilities include inspecting the animal labs at least twice a year, reviewing and approving, disapproving or requiring modifications the research protocols, and they have to report any deficiencies in animal care when they are submitting reports after. Even with these different systems that are here to ensure “humane” treatment of animals in the testing labs, the system has its loopholes that leave animals with little to no protection. Sadly animals still suffer physical and psychological cruelty. The AWA requires researchers to be trained on methods that limit the animal’s distress during the testing process. The researchers are also required to put the animal’s needs before the actual testing process (“Laws and Regulations Animal Use in Research” Web). The reason animal rights are not being followed is because of the lack to compassion for the animals. Many people in communities do not care enough to pay attention to animal rights. They see these creatures as dispensable and easily replaceable. Researchers in the labs also don’t care about the importance of making sure the animals cannot feel any pain while going through the testing process. The way we

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