Animal Testing Approach

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Animal Testing; Finding Alternative Approaches Animal testing began during the Roman Era Dissection and Vivisection, which is the dissection of live animals. The idea of animal testing was gone by the Middle Ages, but returned by the Renaissance. William Harvey had relied almost completely on the knowledge that came from animal testing during the seventeenth-century. Marc R. Fellenz, the author of “Animal Experimentation,” states “In the early twenty-first century, virtually all medical therapies- drugs, vaccines, surgical techniques, prosthetics- are developed with the aid of animal subject, and animal models play a significant role in psychological research.” Animals have been used for different kinds of laboratories, especially cosmetic …show more content…
It was found that not all of the animals used in laboratories are actually put into the data of how many animals are tested on each year. These animals are tested on for many different products and ingredients each year. In the article “Cosmetic Tests That Use Animals,” research has shown that thirty-two guinea pigs are used to test for skin sensitization to test for allergic reactions. The substance is either injected to the guinea pig, or applied to the skin. The researcher can gather information by looking at the skin, which can become show signs of redness, ulcers, scaling, inflammation, and itchiness. Multiple animals are used for many other tests, for example one to three rabbits are used for testing on skin irritation/ corrosion and eye irritation/ corrosion, which are tested to see if there is reversible skin or eye damage. Hundreds, even thousands of animals are used at one time for certain types of testing. There are so many other options that do not harm so many of these innocent animals. For example, maybe we could not use such harmful chemical in the products that we use that they have to be tested on animals. We could just stick to the safe products, or we could stick to the products …show more content…
Europe, India, and Israel have already banned animal testing for cosmetics and the sale of import of newly animal tested beauty products. (11 Facts About Animal Testing) The United States needs to keep up with the rest of the world. Testing on animals is not just an inhumane thing to do; it does not even work a larger percent of the time. We need to get a grip on reality and realize that what is happening is very

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