Rizal's Grand Tour of Europe Essay

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  • The Benefits Of Tourism?

    tourism there would be a lot less economically stable countries, and people would be a lot less cultured. Revenue wise, tourism is a booming industry and has been for many centuries. Since modes of transportation became more available to go to other countries, people’s curiosity got the best of them and they began to travel. People also began to travel as a way to relax, which is how vacations initially got started. As industrialization took off, travelling became more popular as well. For a while, only the wealthy were able to afford the costs but in later years traveling became accessible for a lot more people. During the Enlightenment period, the “Grand Tour” became popular among kings and nobles. The nobles would take a year or two to travel around and learn about other countries. Peter the Great of Russia’s Grand Tour particularly affected him and his country. Due to all of the ideas in the Western world that he had seen, Peter decided to “Westernize” a city and called it St. Petersburg. The Enlightenment thinkers of that period also liked to travel to gather ideas and information to make them more enlightened. In return, all of this travel boosted other countries economies and made them realize that they had sites that other people wanted to see. Since the economy is based on money, this notion also made the countries realize that they could begin charging people to see this sites. Often times tourism is the only industry that a country may have, and without…

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