History of Bangladesh Essay

  • The Causes And Effects Of Climate Change In Bangladesh

    climate change in its history, today’s problem is even more alarming due to the rate of change of human activities. Due to increasing concentrations of Greenhouse gases, our climate is expected to change even more in the coming decades (Climate Change Cell). Bangladesh, a country located in South Asia is the most affected country by climate change in the world (Aneki). This climate change has a huge impact on the country’s agriculture, infrastructure, and way of life. This is mainly because…

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  • Sheikh Hasina Wajed Prime Minister Of Bangladesh Case Study

    Wajed Prime Minster of Bangladesh Bangladesh is located in south Asia and has had a long and varied history. Over the past hundred years, Bangladesh has been a part of three septate states the British partisan of India, India, and Pakistan. While Bangladesh was part of Pakistan it was known as East Pakistan and was physical separated from Pakistan proper by India. At many times East Pakistan (Bangladesh) was at odds with Pakistan proper. Because of East Pakistan’s tension with Pakistan proper…

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  • Memory War By Karen Turner

    battles. In the past few years there have been a “memory boom” in the historical field of war. Jay Winter defines the “memory war” through understand why there has been a need to write down more about history. The topic of women in warfare has not had many written works on it, but there needs to be because of how important it is to know about the missing gap in history about women and war. Without filling in the gap, the stories of women nations’ history are not complete and the stories need to…

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  • West Bangladesh Case Study

    Bangladesh Case Study by: Christie Rosengren, Jessie Patterson, Lara Carpenter, Louisa Matheny, Nathan Toenjes Introduction The small tropical country of Bangladesh is the result of a bitter civil war that divided the country of Pakistan into two nations. The violence of this war is rated as one of the top 5 genocides in the twentieth century by The Guinness Book of Records. Mass murder committed by the Pakistani Army against millions of Bengalis led to East Pakistan seceding from the West…

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  • Challenges And Development Of The Banking Industry In Bangladesh

    Today’s banking system of Bangladesh touches the lives of millions of people and it is growing at a high speed. Banking industry in Bangladesh is facing a number of challenges like changing customer needs, expectations and perceptions, new regulations from time to time and never-ending advances in technologies. The force of meeting these challenges has compelled banks to change the traditional ways of doing banking activities. Banking system of Bangladesh has perceived some major innovations in…

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  • Impact Of International Trade In Bangladesh

    data we can get a good visual and general idea of how international trade is going for Bangladesh. By an almost ridiculous amount, textiles make up most of Bangladesh’s exports. This is somewhat understandable given the country’s situation. Most industry for them is new, textile factories are often less expensive than more complicated factories like ones for cars; making textile factories a suitable starting point for them. Labor is also relatively cheap, giving even more incentive for the…

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  • Hijra Research Paper

    History in all of its hundreds of thousands of years known to man tends to erase the stories of those not in control of their freedom. Whether it be the stories of slaves in the Americas, the ruthlessness of colonialism, there is always a group whose voice is not heard. In today’s society that group is the LGBTQIA+ group, specifically the T, or transgender for the purposes of this paper. Transgender or third gender communities have been a part of history in a variety of countries and cultures…

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  • Importance Of Decision Making In Bangladesh

    In spite of having accomplished gender orientation equality in elementary school enrollments, Bangladesh still has far to go to accomplish gender value, access to quality instruction for all women, completion of fundamental training with adequate competency levels and pertinent life abilities and equivalent parts for women and girls in the public eye. Sex separation begins from a girl’s birth and proceeds all through life in Bangladesh. Due to cultural factors, girls don’t get to go to school…

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  • Genocide In Bangladesh Essay

    Bangladesh gained Independence from Pakistan in 1971 and established a working Constitution the year following. Residing on the apex of the Bay of Bengal, alongside Myanmar and India and containing Asia’s three largest rivers forming the fertile Bengal Delta has led the nation to become a middle power state in international affairs and a major developing country. Introduction When examining the last 30 to 40 years, Bangladesh gained their independence from Pakistan, and established a new…

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  • Vision 2041 Case Study

    The Government of Bangladesh, extending on its Vision 2021, made the pledge to drive Bangladesh over the boundary of middle income country and enter the realms of first world nations in 2041, riding on the fast turning wheels of peace, democracy, development and progress. There is little doubt the Vision is highly ambitious but it is also entirely feasible. In fact, with sound macroeconomic fundamentals, exemplary achievements on most of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and as one of the…

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