Rohingya Refugees In Bangladesh Case Study

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Rohingya influx in Bangladesho
The case of Rohingya refugee is a contentious matter which hampers the relation between Myanmar and Bangladesh since 1970s. The crisis of Rohingya problem started in the Rakhaine state of Myanmar when the then military Janta governments widespread violence of human rights against the Muslim minority. Having no citizenship right and continuously tortured by the state sponsored violence Rohingya people fled Myanmar and entered neighboring countries mainly Bangladesh as it is the easiest way to enter Bangladesh crossing Naf river. The horrible scene is appeared in the OHCHR flash report on Bangladesh: “Testimonies were collected of several cases where the army or Rakhine villagers locked an entire family, including
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And since then Rohingya refugees are being a serious concern for Bangladesh. Thousands of Rohingya people fleeing Myanmar entered Bangladesh and caused problems in relations between Bangladesh and Myanmar. In 1991-1992, more than 250000 Myanmar refugees have come when Myanmar Government took another steps against Rohingya people denying Rohingyas citizenship right in the name of Operation Pye Thaya. In 2012 three Muslim men were accused of raping a Buddhist woman and this is why Arakan political parties and civic group publicly started the ethnic cleansing of Rohingya people. This is why in 2012 a huge number of refugees left Myanmar. Approximately 200 deaths and over 140000 displaced for the violence. After crackdown in 9 October, 2016, huge number of Rohingya refugees, about 100000 entered Bangladesh fleeing …show more content…
The camps were established in 1991 when about 250000 Rohingya people fled Myanmar. Camp refugees are spending 26 years in exile, they have little hope to be repatriated. UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi visited Kutupalong refugee camp in July, 2017 and called for more opportunities for Myanmar refugees. The High Commissioner mentioned that during his meeting with Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, "she said she wished to improve the conditions of refugees in the country. We will work for that improvement - trying to give you more opportunities, especially in employment." Rohingya refugees those are registered can stay in the above named two registered camp, but those who are not registered by the Government of Bangladesh, cannot stay in the two registered camp they stay in makeshift camps . The Rohingya people those who are not registered, seeking refuge in Bangladesh fall in highly vulnerable risk being re-victimized even in exile unless necessary steps are taken. Registered refugees in the two camps with a camp management are overseen by a dedicated Refugee, Relief and Repatriation Coordinator (RRRC) within the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief. But the large number of undocumented Myanmar nationals as are deemed illegal foreigners, fall under the purview of the

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