Unaccompanied Refugee Scope Of Bethany Christian Services: Case Study

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The United States immigration law defines refugees as, “people who are outside of their home country and cannot return due to a well-founded fear of persecution based on their race, religion, nationality, political opinions, or membership in a particular social group” (“Bridging Refugee Youth and Children 's Services”, 795). In 2011, The United States Department of Homeland Security recorded that a total of 56,384 refugee arrived in the United States with majority of the population being children according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) (McBrien, 329). Taking a look at the characteristic of the demographic of the refugee children, one can noticed a high percentage of refugee children were Unaccompanied Refugee …show more content…
Bethany Christian have two main headquarters in Grand Rapids; however the one that emphasize on services to URM is the one located at 36 street Kentwood. It has a unique layout, the main level is designed to provide services to refugee families while the second level focuses on the programs and services for URM.
One of the main reasons why Bethany Christian is a leading global non-profit organization for the URM is because they are aware of the neglection of the URM, the largest population of refugees. Knowing this fact, Bethany Christian factors in the changes that will occur in West Michigan culturally and demographically and equip the residents, community, and city for the arrival of the newcomers beforehand. Bethany Christian “metaphorically” is demolishing all of the barriers themselves in order to make the resettlement process easy for the URM and other refugees. Bethany Christian has removed key medical and educational barriers such as by ensuring the URM receive medical insurance and have access to tutors during the school

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