Ethical Concerns For Refugees In Australia

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For many years people from various countries have been seeking refuge in Australia. Many have been turned away and many have been accepted into Australian society. During this process refugees are put into a refugee detention centre, the treatment of refugees while in these centres is what this essay will discuss. Is it ethical? What actually happens behind closed walls? Are these refugees even illegal?
Asylum seekers are primarily affected by war, unrest, violence and human rights abuse, not domestic policies in refugee-hosting countries. Most people do not wish to leave their homes, families, friends and everything they know and hold close. They flee, because of a need to escape persecution. Asylum seekers are running away, not running to.
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Many refugees seeking safety in Australia may be seen as illegal as they come here without a visa. Reasons for this are that a person who is fleeing their country because of persecution by their government, might not be able to obtain a passport from officials in that country. Therefore, they may travel without documentation/identification to avoid being identified as they flee their country in order to protect themselves and their family (Australian Human Rights Commission , 2015). An ‘illegal’ refugee may be seeking asylum in another country because of their race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular group or because of their political opinion. Refugees flee their country for their own safety and will not return unless their situation for leaving improves enough for the person to be safe upon return. In Australia under the Migration Act 1958, asylum seekers who arrive without a visa must be held in an immigration centre until they are granted with a visa or removed from the country
In 2001, Australia received negative and sometimes crudely pejorative asylum news within the government, media and other public debates. In The Sydney Morning Herald, an article on the debate over asylum seekers had been reported as blurred by rhetoric and language of fear. The Refugee Council of Australia expressed concern that the media
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It’s said that anyone seeking to illegally entre Australia by boat will never make Australia home. The government has enforced tougher boarder protection with a policy to intercept any vessel seeking to illegally enter Australian waters and remove it beyond our waters. The Australian Government has also announced that no visas, temporary or permanently, will be granted to anyone who arrives by boat illegally. They state that even if ‘boat people’ are accepted as refugees they will not be settled in Australia (Austraian Government, 2014). The asylum seekers are then sent to Papua New Guinea while their application for visas are processed. Recently the Australian Government has put in place operation sovereign boarders, which included sending boats back to Indonesia into an unsafe

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