Inside Out And Back Again By Thanhha Lai, 'Inside Out And Back Again'

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Refugees are people that are forced to leave or flee their home countries because of the conditions there. (Brice) In the book Inside Out and Back Again by Thanhha Lai, Ha and her family are all refugees that flee their country for a better life. Most refugees have such a challenging time transitioning into the U.S., due to the different lifestyle they will have to live, but they know it is worth it considering they are given an asylum in the country they are transitioning into. (Gevert) The distinct lifestyle that the refugees are coming into, in their new country is very different from their past habits. Many refugees never return to their home countries, over numerous reasons. But the main reason for not returning to their home country is …show more content…
They are standing up for themselves when underestimated or misjudged and putting in the work so they can adapt to the culture. In the speech made by Til Gurung he states how important refugee transitions are, “I help explain important documents and laws to my community members, help interpret at parent-teacher conferences and medical appointments, teach them about home safety, where to find cultural foods in Oakland, how to use the bus and how to drive.” The services that Til provides for these refugees are very beneficial for them, so they understand basic skills that are needed every day. Ha knows that in order to stand up for herself, she is going to need to know English “I count in English... I have to if I'm to laugh back at him one day.” (Lai 147-148) Clearly, Ha doesn’t want to learn the language, but she forces herself to, so she can eventually stand up for herself. This shows she is trying to adjust to her brand new environment. After being refused help by the butcher, Ha’s mother stands up for herself, “She has me ask the butcher, Please grind our pork.... Motions us away.... Please, she says. The butcher turns away without a word.... Mother ends with a clear NOW! The butcher stares and then takes our meat to the grinder”(Lai 218) Like Ha, her mother knows that she shouldn’t be mistreated because of her ethnicity and stands up for herself by telling the butcher to grind the pork now. Showing that she has the same rights as anyone else there. Even though these refugees have dealt with various hardships through their transitions into their countries they have stood up to the racism and discrimination, and they have come out resilient and persevered through it all to be considered as

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