Inside Out And Back Again By Thanhha Lae

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Ha in the book Inside Out & Back Again by Thanhha Lai and the universal refugees have a lot of similarities and some differences. Before she becomes a refugee, Ha is a 10 year old Vietnamese and like any other 10 year olds, she is rebellious, naughty, jealous of others and sometimes thinking about the fantasy that won’t come true. One of her fantasy is her dad, she lost her dad because of the war and hopes that he will come back. Then her life gets harder because of the war and they have to make a decision to leave their country. Now, Ha is one of the universal refugees and experiencing the obstacles that other refugees are going through.

“Before the war, life was good.”(Article: Children of War, Emir)When they are forced to flee and find another home, their lives are turned inside out. When they leave their home, they “cannot leave evidence of Father’s life that might hurt him”(pg 57-58, Left Behind). It’s saying that they only have some things that they can take to their new home. They have to experience their second loss because of this war. They must also go through a successful “migration, which represents a disruptive loss to one’s life.”(Article- Refugee Children In Canada: Searching For Identity) because if they don’t, they will suffer more from the transition then from the war. Not from physical but more from the mental. It will be tiring and hard because most of the refugees
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They flee their home and feel like they’re turning inside out and when they get used to the things that they are doing, their lives get better. It starts to become more like home again. It’s turning back again to what felt like home before. They have friends now and more people that they can trust. Ha gets to settle in finally and forget everything about the past. She even tries to forget about her father. So that she can finally start a new life in peace. Without any worries but just new hopes that she can aim

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