What is Indirect Rule Essay

  • Impact Of Colonialism In Nigeria

    quite early. Over the next century, British control over Nigeria increased gradually. There are many topics of discussion within these years that connect the colonial past to contemporary Nigeria. However, these themes are quite expansive. For the sake of this paper, the main focus will regard one major theme experienced under British colonial rule. This paragraph will explicitly discuss the key political and administrative arrangement through which colonial authority was maintained. The key component in the case of colonial Nigeria is indirect rule. In 1860, the British annexed Lagos as a Crown Colony.…

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  • Compare And Contrast Stuart Mill And Indirect Utilitarianism

    with the saying “the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people” (Blackburn page 82). However, there are two contrasting theories within utilitarianism: Bentham’s direct utilitarianism and Mill’s indirect utilitarianism. Direct utilitarianism (otherwise known as act utilitarianism) is a theory that was contrived by Jeremy Bentham. Direct utilitarianism incorporates the idea that the amount of pain or pleasure that will result from a certain act can be mathematically calculated by…

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  • Indirect Utilitarianism Analysis

    greatest happiness for the greatest number of people in a society. (Blackburn, 82). It focuses on actions that are morally right and forward-looking. When deliberating specific types of utilitarianism, one can bring up direct (act) utilitarianism and indirect (rule) utilitarianism. Direct utilitarianism addresses the logic that an action is morally right when it gives the greatest good for the greatest…

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  • Syntactic Rules Analysis

    Analysis of Syntactic Rules Every language has many syntactic rules that govern how sentences should be formed. These syntactic rules not only help speakers of that language consistently generate grammatical sentences in their mind, they also allow them to identify those that are ungrammatical. However, not every speaker is consciously aware of all the syntactic rules he or she follows. Sometimes speakers learn these rules subconsciously as they gain experience in using their language. They…

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  • Direct, Indirect And Teaching Styles In Physical Education

    Styles. There is Direct, Indirect and Interactive teaching styles. Discussed are these three teaching styles and how they are used by Physical Educators to engage their students in physical education. The first teaching style is the Direct Teaching Style. This involves clear and descriptive…

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  • Normative Utilitarianism Analysis

    In this analysis, I intend to establish definitions of direct and indirect normative utilitarianism based on J.S. Mill’s “Utilitarianism” as well as critique of Bernard Williams’ scenario of George the chemist. Mill’s principle of utility describes the idea that one’s actions are morally correct in that they produce happiness for oneself or his or her community and incorrect when they promote pain or suffering. To further capitalize the importance of the principle of utility, Mill makes it out…

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  • Three Styles Of Teaching, Direct, Interactive, And Physical Education

    In education, there are three styles of teaching. These styles are direct, interactive, and indirect. These styles can be used while teaching any subject, including Physical Education, and can all be extremely effective if used appropriately. There are some key differences in these styles and each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses. In order to best fit the lesson, these styles can also be used in combination with each other. In order for students to get the most out of the lesson,…

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  • Bentham's Act Utilitarianism

    Therefore, if the surgeon was acting under rule utilitarianism he would have to compare the of killing patient 1 to the moral rules of society and see that society’s morality does not condone murder under any clause. Thus, the surgeon could not kill patient 1 to save patients 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Moreover, the survival of patient 1 would have a positive consequence in the doctor’s life as well as for society as a whole because following a moral rule by definition leads to a positive result. If we…

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  • Difference Between Direct And Indirect Communication Strategy

    The direct and indirect strategies of communication strategy will be discussed in this section. These two strategies are the ways of argument which influences explicit communication, it can be easily indicated by the individualistic-collectivism of Hofstede (1980) and high- or low- context of Hall (1976). In the following section, the effectiveness of these strategies will be evaluated from the standpoint of different cultures. Besides, the interaction of different cultures for these two power…

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  • Indirect Instruction Essay

    Teaching Strategies for Indirect Instruction The indirect instruction model is defined as a teaching strategy that is designed to teach concepts, patterns, and abstractions with emphasis being on concept learning, inquiry, and problem solving. This type of learning approach is based off the constructivism theory. Teachers that use this method do not provide systematic instruction or sequencing that is organized and provided by the teacher. In this method of teaching, students gain…

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