Impact Of Colonialism In Nigeria

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Arrangements and Implications:
Colonial Legacies and Nigerian Education

Travis Boyco
POL301Y1 – Government and Politics in Africa
Professor Wilson Prichard
Wednesday, November 5, 2014
II. Arrangements and Maintenance of the Colonial State Much of the colonial history of Nigeria begins in 1807. At the time, the British Empire influenced much of the territories that now form the current Nigeria. With the introduction of the slave trade, the country’s colonial history begins quite early. Over the next century, British control over Nigeria increased gradually. There are many topics of discussion within these years that connect the colonial past to contemporary Nigeria. However, these themes are quite expansive. For the sake of this paper, the main focus will regard one major theme experienced under British colonial rule. This paragraph will explicitly discuss the key political and administrative arrangement through which colonial authority was maintained. The key component in the case of colonial Nigeria is indirect rule. In 1860, the British annexed Lagos as a Crown Colony.
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