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  • Gender And Pluralization Of Pronoun

    as a third person epicene pronoun, also coined a gender neutral, gender-fair, or common-gender pronoun (Adami 281, Baranoski 379). Generic he has persisted since the 1850 Act of Parliament that declared it so, but is he truly generic (Zuber and Reed 519)? The use of he is sexist, excluding females and people who do not fall neatly within the male-female gender binary (Strahan 17). English also lacks a third person pronoun for instances when a person’s gender is unknown. To combat this void, speakers use they, a plural pronoun which is grammatically incorrect when referring to a singular antecedent, making the usage non-standard. There are ways to avoid gendered pronouns and many people have suggested…

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  • A Comparison Of The JC Second Person Personal Pronoun

    JC Second Person Personal Pronoun Sing. Sub. /yu si weh ah mean? / “Do you know what I mean?” /yu mussi born back a cow/ “You 're an idiot” (Pensacola Studio, 2014) /yu di ' guh work todeh? / “You went to work today?” Pl. Sub. /unu di ' hear di school bell? / “You heard the school bell?” (Jamaicansinting, 2012) Sing. Obj. /mi lob yu/ “I love you” (Wells, 1973) /me good yu know, but look “I’m Great, but not as good as you” At yu, di better one/ (Pensacola Studio, 2014) /ow yu…

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  • Importance Of Essperanto In English Language

    nations who do not have a common mother tongue and it is the most widely spoken constructed language in the world. Comparing Esperanto to English, we can see the similarities or differences between the alphabets, vowels, pronouns and word order. Esperanto is invented because it brings tolerance and respect for people of diverse nations and cultures. About 70% of Esperanto vocabulary comes from Romance languages, about 20% from Germanic languages and English and some part from Slavic languages.…

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  • Analysis Of Elegy Written In A Country Churchyard

    Death is associated with the passing of a loved one or inclusively a loss of belief in value. Although the word death carries negative connotations, Thomas Gray in his poem “Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard” subverts this motion by carefully incorporating death as a liberator. In the same way, William Blake in “The Garden of Love” mourns the absence of spiritual individuality. Gray’s use of strict structure (heroic quatrains) is purposely followed to memorialize and equate the poor and…

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  • Syntactic Rules Analysis

    placement of direct and indirect pronouns 4. The placement of simple vs complicated determiner phrases Although these linguistic patterns can be explained with different syntactic rules, they all follow a similar motivation to help ease our comprehension of sentences with complicated constituents. When we analyze sentences in English, we begin with understanding certain morphemes. We then combine these morphemes to form constituents that function as a single unit. We often follow syntactic rules…

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  • Henry And Mdge And The Starry Night Analysis

    Scholastic Inc., 1998. Print. Curriculum Area: Language Arts Student Age: 7-9 year olds Group Size: 25-30 Students Measureable Objective: • Students should be able to ask and answer question about key details found in the test. (CCSS L.1.1) • Students should be able to recall information about character, places, and events found in Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night (CCSS L.1.4) • Student should demonstrate proper English grammar and when writing or speaking. (CCSS L.1.1) • Student should be…

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  • The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Academic Writing

    I have written several essays during this semester, and I have found some my weaknesses that I need to improve on. One of my weaknesses in writing process is grammar. Sometimes, my writing can be unclear and it confuses the readers. For instance, we were asked to write about cause and effect on obesity and I had no problem on putting my ideas down and give information about the topic, and my opinions about it. Yet, grammar mistake really lower my grade down; it is frustrating for me to…

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  • Fletcher And The Falling Leaves Analysis

    and recognize that all team members should reach their own conclusions about what the findings mean. • Describe the natural features in their immediate outdoor environment, and compare the features with those of another region in Maryland. • The student will identify meaningful, answerable scientific questions. Common Core Standards: • Describe characters in a story (e.g., their traits, motivations, or feelings) and explain how their actions contribute to the sequence of events • Explain the…

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  • Discourse Analysis: The Model Millionaire By Oscar Wilde

    interpreted semantically on their own right, they make reference to something else for their interpretation (1976). In the following extract of the short story it is possible to exemplify some of these concepts: “The girl he loved was Laura Merton, the daughter of a retired Colonel who had lost his temper and his digestion in India and had never found either of them”. The interpretation lies within the text, so there is an endophoric relationship since the cohesive devices are within the text.…

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  • The Reflection Of Language In Mother Tongue By Amy Tan

    She admits, “I was told by my former boss that writing was my worst skill and I should hone my talents toward account management,” (18). Because she is Asian American, her writing is not solely American, but her writing has something many others doesn’t, passion to write. Even though she may not speak English perfectly, she exemplifies her passion for writing through using person pronouns like “I” and anecdotes to relate her own life and points of views to her writing. Tan uses her opinion on…

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