Fletcher And The Falling Leaves Analysis

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heme: The Four Seasons
Literature Information:
Rawlinson, J. (2006). Fletcher and the Falling Leaves. New York: Greenwillow Books.
Curriculum Area: Science
Student Age: 7-8
Group Size: 16-20 Common Core Standard:


• Have opportunities to work with a team, share findings with others, and recognize that all team members should reach their own conclusions about what the findings mean.
• Describe the natural features in their immediate outdoor environment, and compare the features with those of another region in Maryland.
• The student will identify meaningful, answerable scientific questions.
Common Core Standards:
• Describe characters in a story (e.g., their traits, motivations,
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I would introduce the specific season we would be learning about, which is fall. After explaining what season we would be learning for the day, I would pass out the copies of Fletcher and The Falling Leaves by Julia Rawlinson. After all the students have a copy of the book I would give them a brief summary of the book. After the summary, I would go over some of the vocabulary that the students might struggle with during the reading for the day. When going over the vocabulary I would have the vocabulary written on the board. On one, side I would have the word and on the other side of the board I would have the definitions of each word. I would give students a total of 10 minutes to write down the vocabulary. Once the students have the vocabulary written down I would hand out the vocabulary worksheet. The vocabulary worksheet would have 6 boxes, which would be numbered 1-6. Each number would correspond with different activities for the students to practice their vocabulary. In front of the class I would roll a die 4 times and the numbers I receive would be the four mini activities the students would work on. The student would have 20 minutes to complete the …show more content…
After 10 minutes I would say another brief summary about the book, however on day 2 we will actually go through the book. To begin with I would start reading the first page of the book. When I finish reading the first page I would get the Popsicle. With the Popsicle sticks I would pick a one and whoever I chose would have to read next page. While the student’s are reading I would use guided reading. During the reading I would make sure to ask and interact with the students so they receive a full understanding of the book. I would also point out certain features that can be found in their environment during the fall. The book activity should only take 20

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