Multi-Discipline Health Care Team Analysis

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Multi-disciplinary care team is referred to as the coming together of different professions of different disciplines, to work together under one umbrella in order to offer comprehensive care to the patients and meet the patient’s need possible. Mosser Gordon, Begun James W. (2013:5) states that health care teams do not work as individuals but have shared common set of goals and aims. O’Brien RN Jodi (2013) states that A multi-disciplinary healthcare team comprises of doctors nurses physiotherapists, pharmacists and occupational therapists see figure 1.
Furthermore, Mitchell Pamela, Wynia Matthew, Golden Robyn, McNellis Bob, Okun Sally, Webb C. Edwin, Rohrbach Valerie, and Kohorn Von Isabelle (2012:1) points
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every multi-disciplinary team have effective leadership that maintains the structure of the organization; solve various conflicts arising in the teams, able to listen to the members, able to support the members and trust them, above all teams should be able to share leadership functions (Mitchell Pamela et al 2013). Effective communication is crucial, Good teams every single idea that is necessary for improving the skills of the team they are able to keep written records which saves as teaching material for updating themselves in the future when need for reflection arises (Weller Jennifer 2013:146) . Above all effective teams respect talents of each team member and motivate them they boost trust each person’s input above all they also accept a diversity of each members options and encourage them. (Mosser Gordon et al …show more content…
Infrastructure is always ensured that it is in place to uphold the vision of the facility and also provides training that facilities personal career build up for the members of the multidisciplinary and is motivated through recognition and giving of rewards.
8. A well coordinated team also helps in identifying best practices in an interdisciplinary team who can best address some dangers thereby helping in controlling costs(Nancarrow A Susan et al 2013)
According to O’Leary J.Kevin, Sehgal L Niraj., Terrell Grace, MMM, Mark V. Williams. MD (2012) Teamwork helps in effective and safety patient, alleviate rather error recovery. Teams do not make a lot more mistakes compared to an individual as each and every team member is competent of his/her skills and can perform it effectively.
Teamwork brings about patient satisfaction as patients feel highly cared for seen the entire team to manage their case. (Nancarrow A Susan 2013) Teamwork enhance quickly learn of new ways rather methods of approaching different cases of the patients. Teamwork is therefore beneficial to each team member as issues to do with burnout are completely alleviated (Seys et al. B 2013) Teamwork build trust of the organization by clients as patient management is within

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