Gun Control Argumentative Essay

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  • Violence In Youth

    killed over a dozen people and wounded almost two dozen others, before turning the guns on themselves and taking their own lives. In all, there were thirteen homicides;…

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  • Importance Of Restrictions And Requirements On Firearms

    public for safety. Gun laws and restriction should be placed to limit the amount of guns in society. Limiting guns would decrease the crime rate, suicide rate and death toll in America. Restrictions and background checks should also be placed on people who are suicidal, mentally ill, and anyone with a criminal record. Enforcement needs to be tight so illegal firearms are caught and taken. This will prevent the public from being harmed due to a careless act of violence. Limiting guns would…

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  • Values Of Masculinity In The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

    Ransom endlessly defending himself without a weapon and pleading for justice to be served to Liberty tiredly purchases a gun in the ending credits. Ransoms character displayed his masculinity with dignity of high morals and respect. Avoiding the need to oppose a threat with a gun, he effortlessly attempts to confront both Liberty and Tom for their wrong doings. Ransom throughout the movie expresses his passion for justice through his gentle soul, never…

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  • The Importance Of Mass Shootings And Police Brutality

    suicides carried out with guns in the United States. During a time period consumed by gun violence, it is clear that suicides committed with guns must be placed under more scrutiny. Although the amount of deaths from mass shootings and police brutality are still high, they are relatively lower than suicides from guns. In 2010, there were 11,078 homicides committed with a firearm, but in the same year, 19,392 suicides were carried out with firearms (“Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence” 3). Since…

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  • Research Paper On Gun Control

    Gun control in America is hard topic to talk about. Most people feel that if we get rid of guns that the problem with mass shooting and gang violence will go away, but in all reality, it’s not going to help with much of anything. The government and some people want to make it illegal for everyday law abiding citizen to have guns. This will only make us an easier target for law unbinding citizens. People that obey the law will not use gun for violence, but for hunting or protection from others.…

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  • Banning The Use Of Guns In The United States

    We all have our views on gun ownership, whether it is to ban assault rifles, to limit the size of the magazines a gun can hold, or to ban all guns in general. I do not think that we should ban the use of guns completely throughout the country, but I do think that we should aim to do more to reduce gun violence. According to, there are 270 million to 310 million guns in the United States – close to one firearm for every man, woman and child. In addition, according to,…

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  • Right To Bear Arms Constitutional Rights

    assault than someone in the same situation without a gun. The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence stated similarly that “members of the public who carry guns’ risk escalating everyday disagreements into public shootouts, especially in places where disputes often occur—in bars, at sporting events, or in traffic.” Just because one may have a permit to carry a handgun does not mean they do not pose a threat to themselves or others. The ability to carry guns publicly makes people feel unsafe.…

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  • Fist Stick Knife And Gun Summary

    Book review of Fist, Stick, Knife and Gun Fist, Stick, Knife and Gun is a firsthand account of a boy growing up in poverty and low income neighborhoods. The author Geoffrey Canada, explains in detail the progression of how kids go from innocent children to gun toting criminals, becoming members of what is now the “hand gun generation” (Canada, 1995). He answers the question, how can a 13 year old be callous enough to take another’s life, where and what went wrong in the lives of these…

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  • USModel Percussion Pistol 1842: Henry Aston Middleton, Conn.

    percussion pistol was a single shot percussion pistol used in the Civil war and also in the war against Mexico in 1847 to 1848. Henry Aston was an immigrant from the United States from England in 1819. Henry Aston founded his own company in 1843. The gun also saw considerable use on the Oregon Trail. Henry Aston manufactured around 30,000 pistols between 1846 and 1852. The Model 1842 was designed at Springfield Armory. The majority of pistols that were around this time were either from Henry…

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  • Analysis Of Rick Bass And Robert G. Schreiner

    Hunting has been around since the dawn of time. Having transformed from a vital means of survival to a sporting activity, people have long debated both sides of the issue. While some view hunting as a righteous action, others despise the deed. The argument for hunting as an admirable or distasteful act is still relevant to present society. As seen in the writings of Rick Bass and Robert G. Schreiner through many comparisons and differences, imagery, deeper meanings, stances, and views, the…

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