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  • Sexism In School Dress Code

    of the United States’ schools have a form of dress code, yet they have not been enforced justly. Young girls have expressed their complaints about the “unfair and demeaning” use of dress code. Though having a uniform is supported by several schools in the United States, it is becoming an issue in the sense that the schools are now getting complaints about the sexism occurring due to the dress code. Uniforms were created to make students feel equal, but the problem arises when students’ misconduct with school dress code begins to take away from their own education which is ultimately the reason they come to school in the first place. In the recent trend “#Iammorethanadistraction” girls are beginning to speak out against the recent incidents that have been occurring in schools across America. Uniforms were implemented to create equality within the student body; however, lately it has been enforced to where it is contradicting the whole purpose of a dress code. Several young ladies have begun to speak out against the issue, claiming that they have felt everything but equal. Young girls have been called horrible things in public, humiliated and embarrassed in front of several people for wearing everyday clothing. In a recent incident in Noble High School (Oklahoma), a superintendent of the school district asked the student body, “Have y’all seen any skanks around this school?”, humiliating and embarrassing quite a few dress code violators as she pinpointed girls in the…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Dress Code

    their clothing. Even though dress code says not to be distracting, students should feel power in their own attire. Rachel Zoe couldn’t have said it better herself in her quote, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”. With that girls have a right to wear what they want, to feel comfortable in their clothes, and to not be shot down and feel threatened in their bodies. There are many other reasons that there should be changes to the dress code, but here are the most important…

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  • The Dangers Of School Dress Codes

    How would you feel if your student were sent home due to a dress code violation? On an outfit that you thought was acceptable? Would you complain to the school board, or tell your child that they cannot wear that anymore? Many parents have controversial feelings towards dress codes and when their child becomes victim to violating it they are often not pleased. Multiple students cannot drive; so when they disregard the school 's dress code, their parents have to pause whatever they are doing to…

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  • Importance Of Dress Code For Teachers

    School Dress Codes for Teachers All teachers know what it means to “dress appropriately” or to “dress professionally”-- or do they? Over the years, students are dressing less conservatively as well as more casually, and teachers are following suit. One day while visiting my daughter’s school to assist with a classroom function, I happened upon a woman who was bending over picking up some boxes. The skirt she was wearing was so short, I could see her underwear. Feelings of embarrassment…

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  • Dress Code In Schools

    Over the past few years, have implemented a dress code in many schools across the country (Kizis, 2000). Today 's schools are facing great problems, such as diminishing test marks, drugs and law-breaking (Anonymous, 1998). Advocates say the increase in training and improving the academic success of students. However, Challengers, the students violated “the legitimate right of self-expression and schools doing isn’t solving.” The students need to wear a uniform in the public school with various…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Dress Code

    school, I notice everyone always getting dress coded. I actually do believe the word “dress code”, Is something that shows extra skin also girls who can’t dress without showing skin. My thoughts about dress code, Is something everyone should follow without having people repeating themselves everyday about it. Dress code is a big problem with high schoolers because that’s when they wanna start having a huge attitude. My personal experience is when I go to school fully dress and they still count…

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  • Dress Code Research Paper

    Briana Barrett Ms.Milliner E.E.S.2.2.Q.H-03 6/1/17 Problem- Solution Essay I’m sure many are familiar with coming up with excuses to justify their actions and in denial. Adults are the group of people who are immune to this due to the excuses that may be told by their kids or students. However one excuse that I feel like is overrated from adults is the reason to why a school’s dress code is the way it is. It exhibits both racist and sexual themes. Therefore what example does that show off on…

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  • The Benefits Of School Dress Codes

    uniform policy. With so many schools on board for strict dress code policy, one would think that the pro points of utilizing such policy would heavily outweigh the cons, but the piles of research that have been done on this topic may negate this idea. There are many arguments for and against the enforcement of school uniforms. The debate seems to be fairly solidly divided with half of the country’s schools using strict dress code policy. Some of the most common ideas in favor of school uniforms…

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  • Dress Code Issues

    Dress Code is one of the biggest issues that public schools face. There are two opposing sides for the issue. One side sees that having a Dress Code for the school is very helpful for the students, not only academically but to help keep the students equal. The other side of the issue sees Dress Code as a way for student not being able to show free speech. Female students feel they are being categorized as a distraction because of what they wear. It should be noted that Dress Codes and School…

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  • The Importance Of Dress Code In Schools

    Many school in the United States have adopted a dress code for their students. Pro-Con.org states that as of 2008, 22 states in the U.S. had authorized school districts to institute dress codes and or uniform policies. Occupytheory.org gives a number of reasons why schools should not have a dress code, but there is always those against not having a dress code. Certain schools do have standards of what the students may wear. There is numerous parents and staff members against having a dress code.…

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