Tourism in the Philippines Essay

  • Informative Speech About Prostitution

    of sex tourism in a Catholic country, the Philippines. Central Idea: Sex tourists mostly from European and North American countries impregnating young women before fleeing. I. Introduction a. Attention-Getter: Did you know that hundreds of young sex workers are abandoned to raise their children, born of foreign travelers, with no monetary support? Prostitution is a commerce that prospers in the Philippines, where there are an estimated half-a-million prostitutes, almost a fifth of whom are minors according to statistical data. b. Thesis: Philippines is essentially a Catholic country, but prostitution is flourishing because of the country 's inability…

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  • Tourism And Cultural Awareness

    When asked about the role of tourism in promoting cultural awareness, Professor Sally referred to how there were many cases that she saw in the Philippines where tourism development showcased cultural practices “that were considered to be distinctive and representative of certain ethnic groups in the Philippines and so for all the people who didn’t belong to those groups, it certainly increased their awareness of those groups and enhanced their appreciation and their recognition of those…

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  • Philippine Army Essay

    The Philippines has many different military branches, and their military is relatively young in nature compared to the other nations. The branches fall under the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) they consist of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force. The AFP just like the United States military has the President as the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. AFP has a similar structure of leadership as it does with the United States Army. Before the creation of the AFP in 1935, the…

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  • The Importance Of Culture In The Philippines

    country whose culture we need to understand for possible future engagements is the Philippines. They may become an adversary to the United States in the near future and it is imperative the U.S maintains its…

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  • Effects Of Urbanization In Southeast Asia

    the surrounding Southeast Asian countries as well. Another potential impact of urbanization could be poor infrastructure being built to hold the new population. Without being built up to a certain standard buildings may not be able to withstand the impacts of certain disasters and that is a major problem. In the Philippines it is currently about 44% urbanized according to the World Bank, a 1 percent drop from previous years. In regards to the economy the Philippines suffers after any major…

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  • Overfishing And The Human Impact On The Great Barrier Reef

    overall ecosystem. The biodiversity of a coral reef can be threatened when fish species are removed or thinned along the reef. Each species of plant and marine life is important to a coral reef since each one has specific role to play within the reef’s ecosystem. There is a find balance that the reefs need in the amounts of oxygen, salt, and nutrient content that marine life keeps in check. (Human Impact on the Great Barrier Reef) The overall loss of biodiversity in a coral reef has led to the…

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  • Implications Of Tourism Destination

    the Complexities The complexities present both good and bad implications because of the nature of the sector and what can be done based on the changing trends. The following are the implications: 1) The highly fragmented nature of the tourism sector will continue to experience unhealthy competition due to lack of market leaders and collective strategy. It will be hard to manage destinations for various tourist activities when different firms provide different packages and prices that intensify…

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  • Importance Of Assimilation

    Davies, C Brewer and Castle & Cooke assigned Filipinos to work. In 1906 to 1935, the HSPA labor agents recruited about 120,000 Filipinos’ to work at the planation (Alegado, 1991). In 1934, U.S. congress restricted Filipinos’ when the Philippines Independence Act was passed to the lobbying pressure of American labor leaders. The HSPA-affiliated plantations assigned the Filipino laborers in different locations and were under the dictates of the plantation bosses. They were not allowed to pick the…

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  • Marine Protected Area Essay

    ecosystems. To address human impacts Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) may be established as countermeasures. MPAs are government involved programs that target areas facing the most marine wildlife threats. Maintenance of MPAs requires involvement from government at the federal and local level, fishing agencies, and stakeholders. MPAs aim to preserve marine habitats by placing restrictions on human involvement and industry practices. MPAs are necessary to balance community livelihood and industry…

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  • Bali And Da Nag Case Study

    Chapter 4: The Recommendations that Both Bali and Da Nang Could Learn From Each Other to Manage Their Tourism Industry Better As discussed in chapter 2 and 3, this research has found the challenges that both Bali and Da Nang been facing as the consequences of developing their tourism industry since the beginning. Based on that, this section will examine the key points that both Bali and Da Nang could learn from each other, so that they can possibly manage their tourism industry better in the…

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