Hand Sanitizer Essay

  • Hand Sanitizer Prevention Essay

    to the fact that proper hand washing technique can prevent the spread of those diseases. “Every year, lives are lost because of the spread of infections in hospitals. Health care workers can take steps to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. These steps are part of infection control” (Medline Plus). People fall sick or even lose their life because of infectious diseases that are passed by germs from one to another. When it comes to health care providers they have to be really careful because they can become the transferring agent of diseases. When they go from one ill patient to another, they can bring one patient’s germs to another. They need to take the simple precaution of hand washing in between patients to stop diseases from spreading. Health care providers have to be caution about germs not just for their patients but also for their own families. Because they can take these germs to their homes too, and their family members can get sick. In my family, number one thing everyone does as they enter the house is wash their hands. Because we do not know how many dirty things we have touched during the day and those germs get on our hands. And when it comes to health care provider in my family, even hand washing is not enough. They do not touch anything before taking a shower as soon as they enter the house. I understand some people prefer to use hand sanitizer over water and soap hand washing to kill germs. But when it comes to hand sanitizers, it does not necessary…

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  • Hand Washing Prevention Essay

    In today 's society, there are ways to prevent disease and infection. The two main ways to prevent the spread of disease is to use hand sanitizers, or to wash your hands. Many say that hand sanitizers kill the pathogens, or “microorganisms that causes disease that accumulate on your hands” (Krystine). Also, people say that hand washing is the best way to prevent pathogens from spreading, which is true. In the past, before people were educated on the risk factors of not being sanitary, sickness…

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  • Importance Of Microbes

    the ability to cause diseases. The purpose of this experiment was to investigate the microbes found on my hands, learn about the importance of spreading microbes and diseases, and investigate the effectiveness of hand washing and hand sanitizer on killing or reducing microbial growth. The fact that we use aseptic techniques and hand washing is because of this germ theory and we need to use these techniques to reduce contamination and spread of microbes and diseases, especially in health care…

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  • Benefits Of Hand Hygiene Essay

    head: EFFECTIVE HAND HYGIENE Effective Hand Hygiene and It’s Benefits Cristina Quiles Nyack College Introduction to Professional Nursing 10/9/16 EFFECTIVE HAND HYGIENE 1 Abstract In a healthcare facility, protecting both the client and the health care professional is the most important aspect to keep in consideration when caring. Hand washing was discovered to be the most successful way for protecting against the spread of disease. However, over time, hand washing and hand hygiene has…

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  • Hand Washing Importance In Nursing

    Proper hand washing plays a huge role in fundamental aspect of nursing. One of the main cause for transmitting infectious diseases is the lack of hand washing. Many people do not realize that by simply washing their hand, they are preventing the spread of countless diseases and infections. Proper hand washing is not only important in a hospital setting, but also in a house hold because it is very important to properly wash your hands after going to the rest room, before and after eating, or…

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  • Classification Essay On A Coach Purse

    To name a few of the never-ending array of items within the purse there is a freshly new pack of gum, variety of snacks, hair accessories, perfume, body spray, lotion, and other prized on-the-go possessions. The purse was practically overfilled and had, consequently, become awfully leaden. The overload of possessions had, in turn, made it hard to reach down and search for change and other small items at the bottom of the purse. The smell of the purse is that of a powerful outburst of Extra Long…

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  • The Spread Of Disease, Viruses, And Bacteria

    health inspections and is dirtier than the average American is used too. The American decides to eats at a local restaurant while there. He or she comes back to America with a killer disease. The cook at the restaurant, a few more people around that area, and a few people from a few different countries have the same disease. How did all these people from different areas all encounter the same disease as the American? Easy, we must backtrack. The American’s dish was prepared by the cook, which…

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  • Advertisement Analysis: Detttol Hand Sannitizer

    Advertisement Analysis: Dettol Hand Sanitizer Dettol is a company dedicated to health and hygiene (Reckitt Benckiser Group). One of their products that helps promote this is their hand sanitizer. Through communication, this company has designed an advertisement for this product in order to persuade people to buy their product and use it, as shown in figure 1 on the right. There are many facets to the communication act, and this advertisement by Dettol encompasses many of them, both verbal and…

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  • Flu Shot Essay

    throat. The flu causes many common cold symptoms, as well as a high fever and body aches. The flu easily spreads from person to person (it is contagious). Getting a yearly (annual) influenza vaccination, more commonly known as a flu shot, is the best way to prevent the flu. CAUSES Influenza is caused by a virus. You can catch the virus by: • Breathing in droplets from an infected person 's cough or sneeze. • Touching something that was recently contaminated with the virus and then…

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  • Surgical Drain Essay

    including tape, germ-free (sterile) cleaning solution (saline), a 4x4 inch (10x10 cm) split gauze drain sponge, and a 4x4 inch (10x10 cm) gauze square. • Wash your hands with soap and water before you change your dressing. If soap and water are not available, use hand sanitizer. • Remove the old dressing. Avoid using scissors. • Clean your skin around the drain with sterile saline. • Place the tube through the slit in a 4x4 inch (10x10 cm) split gauze drain sponge. Place the gauze so…

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