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  • Use Of Modernism In The Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock?

    The poem “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,” is a perfect example of T.S. Eliot’s reinvention of types of poetry used by his predecessors. In this case, Eliot introduces a variation of a dramatic monologue, which is a type of poem that has been written for centuries. M.H. Abrams identified three key features of a dramatic monologue, and Eliot inverts all three features in “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” (Abrams 70). The first feature Abrams identifies is that the entire poem is the speech of one individual, who is not the poet. In “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,” the entire poem is from one individual, Prufrock; however, it is an internal monologue instead of a speech. The second feature is that the dramatic monologue is given to a listener, or listeners, and the speech provides references to what the listener says and does throughout the poem (Abrams 70). As previously mentioned, Eliot transformed the…

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  • T. S. Eliot's Influence On American Literary History

    Author T.S. Eliot’s Influence on American Literary History Author T.S. Eliot, was an American-English poet, playwriter, literary critic, an editor and was a major contributor and leader of the Modernist movement in poetry. From his works like “The Waste Land” and then the what some call sequel “The Hollow Men,” Eliot’s style of writing not only had a huge influence on American literary history but also influenced many other writers such as Derek Walcott and Kamau Brathwaite. After reading some…

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  • The Destruction Of Society In Death By Water By Thomas Stearns Eliot

    Thomas Stearns Eliot, famously know as T.S. Eliot, was born on September 26, 1888 in St. Louis Missouri, the youngest of six children. His father, Henry Ware Eliot, was a successful business man and his mother, Charlotte Eliot, was a teacher, but after her marriage she began to write poems and submit them to newspaper. T.S. Eliot was educationally advanced due to his mother being a teacher and as a teenager he produced eight issues of his own magazine called “The Fireside”. The magazine…

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  • The Lovesong Of J. Alfred Prufrock, By Thomas Stearns Eliot

    In the long history of English writers and poets, Thomas Stearns Eliot has a huge impact on poetry and stands among Shakespeare and Chaucer as one of the giants of English Literature. . Eliot was a who comes along only once in a generation,and he wrote as if he were living in a bygone era, modeling himself after writers such as Dante and Baudelaire; although he never acknowledged that fact. Throughout Eliot 's works, the author expressed his views on social. He made it clear that the current…

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  • Dramatic Monologue In The Lovesong Of J Alfred Prufrock

    T.S. Eliot 's "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" depicts a man 's lack of ability to make decisive actions even as he notices what is necessary. Through his character Prufrock, Eliot uses the speaker 's consciousness to put his reader in Prufrock 's position. In the poem, Prufrock is in love with a woman that he feels is "out of his league". Throughout the poem, Prufrock analyzes his thoughts to see how much he cares for the woman. While analyzing, he also finds that uncovers his own self. In…

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  • Analysis Of T. S. Eliot's The Waste Land And Impressionism

    society and a vehicle through which people are unified, is depicted in both T.S. Eliot 's The Wasteland and the Impressionist paintings. Each work emphasizes the gradual loss of culture due to modernization. In The Waste Land, Eliot 's conflict with the loss of culture is depicted through his description of post-WWI London. Eliot describes soldiers returning from war as “a crowd... [that] death had undone” (The Waste Land 35.62-64). Those returning from war have become aghast with their lives…

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  • Levity And Grimness In The Waste Land By T. S. Eliot

    T.S. Eliot’s works have often been thought of as hopeless and dreary because the topics in his works reflect the problems with society and humanity as a whole. They reflect an obsession with loss and isolation, and how it affects people. His modernist way of writing forces readers to think about his works in a multitude of ways. “The Waste Land” is a poem that is considered to be one of the best poems to come out in the twentieth century because of its ideas and the controversy surrounding the…

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  • Unitarianism And Universalism In T. S. Eliot's Poetry

    used to mend hearts, lead army’s or to simply express ones feelings toward a subject and or person of choice. T.S Eliot took poetry to an entire new level from his many works and short stories T.S Eliot has be named one of the greatest of our time. Thomas Stearns Eliot (hence the T.S) born on September 26th, 1888 in St. Louis, Missouri. For most of his child hood to adolescent years he lived in St. Louis. As a young lad Mr. Eliot fished for crabs and became a very well rounded sailor. He…

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  • The Theme Of Religion In The Waste Land By T. S. Eliot

    Throughout his life T.S. Eliot struggled with religion and belief. He was raised in a Unitarian home where he was surrounded by religious ideology. Once Eliot left his home he began his own research of all the possible religions, and based his beliefs on his research. A large portion of his writings included religious illusions. The central subject of The Waste Land is really a religious one. The Waste Land illustrates for us the concrete image of a spiritual plan with the help of analogy.…

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  • T. S Eliot And Langston Hughes: Themes In The History Of Poetry

    T.S Eliot and Langston Hughes were working poets in the early 1900’s. They project their personal thoughts and fears into their work and construct poems that defy definition. Their technique is alike and both are key figures in the history of poetry, yet they focus on very contrasting themes and motifs. When attempting to understand the meaning of a poets work many aspects of the poets lives is analysed to gain a greater understanding. How significant is a poets race when understanding their…

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