Life in Future Essay

  • The Life And Future Of Gabriel Garcia's Life

    Who is Gabriel Garcia? To everybody he is a student from Tempe High that plays many different sports and keeps decent grades. At home he lives with a single mother in a crappy apartment. His only other family are two sisters, Stephanie and Yvette. His father, like many other families, has been absent for many years of his life. His life has been a struggle with people constantly doubting him. His journey is a long one and isn’t close to being finished. From the beginning of his life, to school, and the future to come. There is a lot to Gabriel Garcia and more to come. Gabriel Olea Garcia JR. was born on December 9th 1999 to Honorina and Gabriel Garcia His older sisters were both 13 when he was born. Despite this they loved having a baby in the house. His mother never finished middle school because where she was from, Oaxaca Mexico, the schools where to far from where she lived it was easier to just help at her family’s farm. His father from Michoacán Mexico finished high school and became a police officer in Mexico.” English was hard for me because the only language I’ve ever heard was Spanish so changing to English was hard” (Bastidas 1). Early life was hard for Gabriel Garcia because he couldn’t really understand people who spoke English. The only people at home teaching him English were his two sisters who were good at speaking it. One thing that helped him with English were books and super hero television shows. His parents were poor yet they gave him money if he did…

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  • My Future Life Events

    My Life Events, of the Past, Present, and Future Introduction: Sometimes, life creates unforgettable memories that you cherish, like our past, present and future. Being a single parent in the past, I cannot change it, but I can embrace the experience it has taught me. Meeting Mr. Right has taught me the true definition of love, and to respect my past experiences. I will truly honor my precious time with my husband and our eternity of life moments. Today, I will share with you my past as a…

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  • My Future Life

    Freshman year of high school, I was ecstatic. Yes, being shoved in hallways and three minutes late to every class because of overpopulation everyday sucked, but I was finally a high schooler. Soon, I learned that rumors about being stuffed in a locker was the least of my worries. I was compelled to make life changing decisions about my future and whether or not I wanted to go to college. My sister, Amber, conceived my nephew, Trey, at 16 during her sophomore year, resulting in her flunking out…

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  • Similarities Between My Life And Future Life

    What does your future hold? No one really knows but when transitioning from your current college lifestyle to your lifestyle after college, you can expect major changes. The changes one may experience could be living in your parents’ house to living in your own place, having your parents provide for you to you having to provide for yourself, and having no job to having a good job that can pay your monthly bills. While some differences between my lifestyle today and my future lifestyle are…

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  • Life Perspective: The Past, Present And The Future

    The past, the present and the future. Can they exists at the same time? Today I was driving one of my best friends to the airport, she stayed for one week in Miami; while I was crying saying goodbye at the airport, I remembered the good time we had in the last week and how fast it passed. Now we are in the present, saying goodbye. This is when we start seeing how we don 't have three separated times. In our minds time is always mixed with: past, present and the future. Like professor Phillip…

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  • My Characteristics, Hobbies, And Future Goals In My Life

    Dustin, Alvin, Samuel and Christian Are all very different people. They have different talents, hobbies, and future goals. They even have different live experiences, but all of this makes them who they are. Whether, their favorite things are playing video game, reading or skydiving, they are completely different people living in same world. I am Dustin Green, I am 19 years old. I have a talent when it comes to writing balance equations in chemistry. While, some people have a hard time figuring…

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  • Pro-Life Essay: The Future Like Ours, And Abortion

    cure his disease. The reader is told they must remain in their bed for however long as it takes for the violinist to recover, even if that means the reader must sacrifice their own life in order to save the famous violinist. Thompson is pro-choice advocate, this analogy supports her argument because the reader has absolutely no obligation to the violinist, but is forced to become subject to him anyway. This can relate similarly to if a woman who were raped, she has no obligation to a child she…

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  • My Life: My Plans For My Future

    My Future Well, what can I say? This is the real me. Im a lover of romantic movies. I have so much hope in myself. I’m only 17 but I basically have my future planned out. Should I write about my plans for my future or should I just write down the reasons for the decisions I’m making. I’m very ambitious, and once I set my mind to accomplish something is almost impossible to get my mind off it. I put my unconditional time and effort into everything I go after. I don’t believe people get…

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  • The Importance Of The Future Early Adulthood Of My Life

    One of the items that represents the future early adulthood of my life is the orange slip of paper that says “Nurse.” I have not entered this period of my life yet, but when I do, my goal is to become a nurse and to hopefully be in the nursing program through the ages of 21-23. In my 20’s and 30’s age period, I want to focus on developing my career as a nurse. Therefore, when I enter this stage in my life, I will be in the emerging adulthood phase and that is when I will try to find a job as a…

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  • My Goals For My Future Life In Vesalius University

    Living in America, and more specifically Wisconsin for my entire life has made me extremely excited for a chance to go abroad. At Madison I have the opportunity to go abroad and explore a new place. The fact that I have the opportunity to experience Vesalius College for a semester is the main reason that I want to go abroad. It is a special privilege to have this opportunity, and I intend to take full advantage of being abroad by accomplishing things that will help me have a fantastic time in…

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