Parental Pressure on Students Essay

  • Parental Pressure Essay

    Chinese American Students Experience High Parental Pressure According to the data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Chinese Americans are the largest ethnic group of Asian demographic in the United States. Their population has been increasing tremendously by 37.9% in this decade (Hoeffel 15). Being one of the largest ethnic group in the United States, their presence has significant impacts on various aspects that relate to the overall development of the country, these include but are not limited to political, social, and economic factors. Therefore, the topics or issues regarding Chinese Americans should be taken into active discussions as to raise awareness in the society. Parental pressure is one of the issues that bring the attention to most…

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  • Effects Of Parental Pressure In College

    adult. It is without a doubt very challenging, which brings us students’ immense pressure. It is not an easy experience for even some of the most intelligent people. This has been recognized in history with people such as Albert Einstein, who in 1885, failed his first entrance exam in college. Why did one of the most respected physicians in history not prosper in college? Clearly Einstein had the intelligence. However, there are so many other factors to success in college. Many people would…

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  • College Pressure By Robert Zinsser

    Many college students have to face different pressures in today’s education. In Zinsser’s essay, “College Pressure”, he focused on four college pressures such as economic pressure, parental pressure, peer pressure, and self-induced pressure and view them as negative for students. Instead of viewing the four pressures negatively, he should realize that these pressures will be valuable for the student in the long run. Dealing with a variety of pressure can help students to motivate themselves to…

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  • Relationships Between Parents And Children In Amy Tan's Two Kinds

    she wants her daughter to be successful, but her daughter does not want to do that. Additionally, Amy Tan also described that the effects of mother’s high expectations for her life. The story demonstrated that parent’s expectation clearly influences the adolescent’s expectation. Parents are very important to contribution child’s characteristics. The ages be more effective by parental expectation is adolescence. Parental expectations effect adolescent’s education and their behaviors. …

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  • An Analysis Of William Zinsser's 'College Pressures'

    Amrhein, Lexie SR “College Pressures” Background William Zinsser was a Protestant, fourth-generation New Yorker, and a World War II sergeant. He earned degrees at multiple universities; two of them being in Indiana. He attended Rollins College, Wesleyan University, and the University of Southern Indiana. Zinsser was born October 7, 1922 in New York City. He married a teacher and historian, Caroline Fraser, in…

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  • An Analysis Of William Zinsser's College Pressure

    College Pressures In “College Pressures”, William Zinsser talks about the college pressures that most college students face. At the time, William Zinsser was the Master of Branford College at Yale University. He says that he sees four kinds of pressure that most college students go through such as economic, parental, peer and self-induced pressure. As I read his essay, I analyzed the effectiveness of Zinsser’s observation about what pressures most college students face. Most students face…

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  • Critical Analysis Of William Zinsser's 'College Pressure'

    March 14, 2013 In his essay “College Pressure” William Zinsser writes about the four main types of pressures that college students face. Economic pressure, parental pressure, peer pressure, and self induced pressure are the main focuses in the essay. Starting the essay with notes from students that they left for their dean is an effective way of engaging readers. First the reader wants to know who Carlos is and of course who all those people that write…

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  • William Zinsser College Pressures Analysis

    Whether we like to admit it or not, college pressures face a large majority of the youth population. William Zinsser makes a few well-rounded points concerning these post-secondary struggles in his essay, “College Pressures.” The pressures that are mentioned in the essay are grouped into four classifications: economic, parental, peer, and self-induced. For starters, William Zinsser quotes, “They want a map - right now - that they can follow unswervingly to career security, financial security,…

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  • Analysis Of College Pressures By William Zinsser

    College Pressures: Writing Project #2 In William Zinsser’s essay, “College Pressures,” he discusses four main pressures college students have in the 1970’s: Economic, parental, peer, and self-induced pressures. Zinsser is the person students see to ask “how they are going to get through the rest of their lives.” He explains that there’s no map to career security, financial security, social security, etc... He wants students to explore their education and to not stick to a strict schedule.…

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  • The Effects Of Social Pressure On Parents Use Of Control

    study of the Effects of social pressure and child failure on parents use of control: An experimental investigation is to examine two sources of pressure, social pressure eliciting ego-involvement and child failure, in parental controlling styles and how it affects the performance of the child in a general education. They hypothesized that parents were more prone to use a controlling style because they would feel more pressure, tension, and concern on their child’s failure. Parents control are…

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