Pros and Cons of Sameness Essay

  • The Moral And Spiritual Beliefs Of Confucianism

    no child of the Enlightenment, instead, he was closer to philosophers and psychologists who recognize that altruism is not much engendered by exhortation(Smith,168). Confucius did not consider himself and his teachings as a perfect or original method, he believed to the wisdom of the past. Confucius was obsessed with tradition, and he saw it as the main shaper of inclinations and attitudes. “He loved tradition because he saw it as a potential conduit—one that could funnel into the present behavior patterns that had been perfected during a Golden Age in China’s past, the Age of the Grand Harmony”(Smith,168). He believed that traditions have to be transmitted from the old to the young, and the habits and the ideas must be maintained as a sameness web of memory among the bearers of the tradition, generation after generation …(Smith,169). According to Confucius, the Golden Age was a period when mores were compelled, people conformed to them, they were wrought, and the conformation brought peace and happiness. His main philosophies emphasize morality, humanity, ethics, love, and the most important order and harmony. According to Confucius, in order to achieve these moral values people should have relationships, and good government. He believed that if the governor was a discipline ruler then the goodness would embody the society. He also believed that only males could lead the government service. Also, Confucius venerated education in high estimation, believing that throughout…

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  • Juvenile Delinquency Case Study

    into groups of four students. Pretend you are the TV panel. Elect a chairperson and decide which of the four roles each of you will take: Mrs/Mr Terrie/John HilI, the academic vice president: Mrs/Mr Lilian/Joseph Ubite, a professor in the department of education; Mrs/Mr Denis/Gary Bell, a grad student in education: Florence/Donald Burrel, an undergraduate. c) Consider the questions under discussion and enact the panel: 1. How should higher education be organized, governed, directed? How…

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