The Importance Of Culture In The Philippines

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In order to ensure success, military officials must conduct thorough analysis on a country and its culture to maximize their efforts and increase their chances of success. Culture can be defined as “the integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief, and behavior that depends upon the capacity for learning and transmitting knowledge to succeeding generations” ("Culture | Definition of Culture by Merriam-Webster," 2016.) The components that create a culture are: symbols; language; norms; values; and material culture and technology. One country whose culture we need to understand for possible future engagements is the Philippines. They may become an adversary to the United States in the near future and it is imperative the U.S maintains its …show more content…
The Visayan Islands located in the east “act as a weather buffer for the western and central islands” (2011.) Climate changes are most noticeable during the warmer months and natural events such as typhoons, floods, drought, and forest fires greatly affect the natural habitat and the populous. Agricultural, marine and coastal life are also affected by the weather changes. As a result, the populous constantly has to rebuild their infrastructure to alleviate the damages caused by natural …show more content…
(2011) Similar to how each island practices a different religion, Filipinos practice different social customs based on location. It is very common for urban and rural citizens to celebrate differently. Rural customs are more traditional in nature compared to urban customs while urban customs are more aligned with Western influences.
Equality for both men and women are granted and protected under the Philippine constitution even though females are most often not protected and enforced due to lack of budgetary constraints and ambiguous regulations.
Domestic violence, rape, and prostitution are all serious problem in the Philippines.419
Although such crimes are illegal, enforcement has been ineffective. Sex tourism, another serious social issue, is also a source of sexual exploitation and forced labor. In addition, sexual harassment is widespread in the workplace. Cases of violence against women

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