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  • Career Assessment In Career Development

    As stated previously, the client took all three career assessments listed above. Based on John Holland’s Self-Directed Search, the client received the specific results of SEC, known as Social (14), Enterprising (14), and Conventional (13). The self-identified occupations of interest by the client were teacher, counselor, entrepreneur, clergy member, and marriage and family counselor. Those more inclined to social careers require teaching, treating or healing others. These specific results include careers very similar to the clients, listing kindergarten teacher and mental health counselor. These individuals tend to be empathetic and friendly, with a concern to care for others. Those in the social professions tend to work with others in a…

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  • Career Development Essay

    Career Development: Assessment, Feedback and Training. The ultimate goal of every corporation on this planet is to remain profitable and succeed in whatever goals the organization may have set for themselves. Economists and management theorists around the world have their own theories regarding how this should be accomplished but at the heart of some of them is the concept of human capital growth and its ability to act as the ultimate competitive advantage. One of the pioneers of the concept of…

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  • Importance Of Career Development

    My career development had begun in 1980’s even before I was born. My father was working in a government telecom company. In those days (80’s and 90’s), in India when women were not supposed do job, however my mother got one in one of the state government departments of Maharashtra state in India and started working when she was pregnant with me. She began her job only because she wanted me to be highly educated and hence by earning money she could pay the fees for my education in future. I was…

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  • The Benefits Of Career Development

    The majority of adults need to work. They need to pay their bills, provide for their families and have a sense of accomplishment that work can provide. While there is a universal need to work, many people choose to simply do their job and not to develop their career. Career development is putting the work in, above and beyond your present duties, with the intention to develop and advance within your career. There are a variety of ways one can develop their career; however, the main professional…

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  • My Career Development

    Career interests were plentiful as I grew up, especially during my early childhood. Each area of interest I expressed to my parents was encouraged through a combination of play and education The number of jobs I wanted as a young child was significantly large and I do not recall every single occupational investigation. Those I do recall include doctor, firemen, veterinarian, professional basketball, musician, Lego set developer, film director, chef, gardener, and college basketball coach. The…

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  • Career Development Theories

    Journal Entry 1: Appraise a range of theories for career development. Week 5 lecture presented the idea that there is an array of theories that can be applied for career development prospects on what motivates you in a work based environment, such theories include Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Herzberg’s Theory which looks at non financial rewards which contradicts F.W Taylor’s theory of motivated by money. Maslow showed that an individual 's basic need must be met. Such as the need to feel…

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  • Career Goals: My Career Path To Urban Development

    risk-taking decision. Being exposed to different cultures, natural environments, and challenging disciplines and research in my undergraduate studies, has driven me to narrow my career path to urban development with an emphasis in environmental sustainability and community development. Originally from Sacramento, California, I was fortunate enough…

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  • The Consequences Of Career-Based Creativity And Career Development In Education

    Most of those credits being separate subjects and electives. Each class has standards and guidelines to follow to teach the students. Instead of standardizing each class they should personalize and customize the curriculum to meet the needs of each child. They can use some of those credits to expand creativity or a career choice.…

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  • Placenti A Career Development Program Analysis

    California I was able to better understand my city through my research. After overlooking my analysis a service that could help Placentia improve is a Career Development program. This is a long-term approach and focuses on the areas such as the La Jolla neighborhood that I will further discuss. The goal is to make Placentia well rounded and an appealing area to live in throughout all of its neighborhoods. Median Age and Household The Placentia Library District Demographic Profile from 2010…

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  • My Educational Career In Human Development

    I started my educational career teaching high school children in the Bahamas, where I was born and raised. Because the island I lived on faced economic, health, and educational disparities, teaching, sometimes, was a bit of a struggle. At times, I felt like teaching was not enough to get children where they needed to be in the world of education and development. What was missing, in my opinion, was a school or educational psychologist or even a guidance counselor on staff to give children and…

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