Babysitting Career Essay

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Career Development: Lifetime Employability
At the ripe old age of nine, I started my very first job babysitting my neighbor’s three children. While this may not seem like a real job, by the time I was ten, I was babysitting three days after school, most Friday nights and usually at least one weekend day. My cliental, after school was actually six children ranging from 1-6 years old. Soon I found myself having to recruit my friend to help me, for a cut of my pay, in order to take the kids to the park! While babysitting is where I started, I have worked the last 34 years since in different careers, covering child care, retail, waitressing, bartending, alternative medicine and biotechnology. Throughout my career a couple themes have consistently
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Part of the journey of life is our career and what we learn along the way. From babysitting through my professional career within biotechnology, one constant carries through; I have always worked in a venue heavily reliant on others for mutual success. Decision making and problem solving as rampant, we do this every day of our lives from the moment we wake to the moment we go to sleep, we are making decisions and problem solving. Often through the day, these activities of decision making and problem solving are with …show more content…
Always strive to do the right thing every day and be honest, if I make a mistake I own it, if I forgot to do something, I will admit it. Respecting myself and others; facing each day knowing where I stand physically, emotionally, and being self-reflective enough to know where I can make the most impact each day for the team. For example, if I know I am in meetings straight from 8-5, I’ll get to the office early, prepare for the day, inform the team I’ll have limited access and I try not to over commit. This is a work in progress, I struggle with this piece all the time. Teamwork; working together to meet the goals of the business is imperative. We have a common goal for the business, working to deliver the business needs is important. Supporting each other when we are struggling is important; finding the comedy in a day is always

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