Christmas Essay

  • Christmas: Christmas And The Twelve Days Of Christmas

    Christmas, the season of joy and happiness. For most people this season starts in the end of November beginning of December, but for me this season means so much more and so it starts in January and ends in December. All year round I see the love of God get spread around and am constantly reminded of what it means that jesus came down and was born, died and came back to life for our sins. This is where I pull my joy from and for one reason or another it has always been the biggest holiday that I can think of to celebrate. The reason for this could come from when I was 18 months old I was having seizures and by the time I was five I was having up to 150 a day and I was barely surviving and it came down to a choice. 1) I could deal with the seizures for the rest of my life and take medication, but I wouldn 't survive for very long might die by the time I was a teenager. 2) I could have surgery and possibly die in the process but if I survive I wont have any more seizures maybe. My parents decided the ladder one, and proceeded to give me the surgery. Seven weeks later I emerge from my…

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  • Christmas: The True Meaning Of Christmas

    Christmas is a time to rejoice, a time to love, and a time to give thanks. With all the advertisements and black friday deals for presents, the true meaning of Christmas has drifted away from many people’s mind. Receiving presents is something to look forward to and be grateful for, however not everyone gets this experience. Not everyone wakes up to beautifully wrapped presents topped with string and a shiny bow. DEcember is one of the best months to give back to the community and spend…

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  • Christmas: My Christmas Day

    Christmas Day started out like all the others we have had in the past 5 years. Dillon and I had been on our own, since his oldest brother moved out, and went on to college several years earlier, and Jonathan, the middle son, had joined the Army the year prior. Robert and I just started dating in May of 2010, but he was with us on Christmas morning and my heart was so full, I thought it would surely burst. We opened our gifts, tearing the paper off, just like little children. Christmas is by far…

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  • Personal Essay On Christmas: The Day Of Christmas

    Like every other year the day of December 25th, Christmas, is joyfully celebrated in my household. As the day rolls on it is full of thankfulness, kindness, happiness and plenty of food. And like every other year we take part in our annual Christmas shenanigans. As the smell of crisp apple pie and left-over turkey diminished, the smell of cold, breathtaking air took its place. My sister and I traveled into the cold winter air by ourselves. Taking my first step into the freshly fallen snow I…

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  • Christmas: A Comparison Of Christmas And My Family

    Christmas is not only a day of sharing presents and celebrating with family and friends, but also a week of joy. The exciting days leading up to christmas to the aftereffects of happiness that result from the carols of Christmas prove that December 25th is a very special holiday. Christmas to me means spending and sharing time and the moments with each other and it also celebrates the birth of Jesus. The gifts and the food are amazing, but the main point of Christmas is to celebrate the nativity…

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  • Christmas: Christmas Is A Magical Time Of The Year

    Christmas is always such a magical time of year. For me it 's the most wonderful time of the year. I just love baking cookies with my mom, decorating the tree and of course, getting presents, as every kid does. Only good kids get presents though. My mother used to tell me all the time, “you better be a good boy this year Steven, Santa is always watching”. I made sure to always be on my best behavior, especially around the holidays, but I always wondered “how has nobody ever seen the real Santa…

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  • Christmas Reflection

    As we prepare to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, it is fitting that we remind ourselves of the reason why Jesus came to earth as our Lord and Savior. Christmas provides the perfect time to remind us of God’s love for humanity. Over the next five Sundays we will look at five essential elements in the Gospel story as we seek to discover the deep theological truths underlining the celebration of Christmas. (Creation, Fall, Promise, Rescue, Restoration) When we think of…

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  • Christmas Experience

    It was about three year ago, I reference it by the pre-bust years. Three nights until Christmas eve, on a Sunday the 22nd. The tree was up and decorations were still in the boxes. The house was in shambles and cluttered about. Although, I had asked my youngest son, the only child left in the nest. Over and over since Thanksgiving to get together and clean up, then finish the traditional decorating of our home. He, like his father at 19, were busy with the ladies and the festive part of the…

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  • My Christmas Day After Christmas

    Christmas comes around once each year, but there is a lot to do before Christmas Day. Christmas Day is December 25th, and usually people start counting down the days till Christmas starting on December 1st. Of course, my family is different. We start counting down the days till Christmas right after Thanksgiving Day. Christmas is by far my favorite holiday for various reasons, one being that I love decorating our Christmas tree. Another thing I love to do is make Christmas goodies with my…

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  • Christmas Holidays

    For many people Christmas is an important holiday. By the time it hits September angel decorations start filling the store aisles and “Jingle Bells” plays on repeat but it is not the only one filling up the store. Ghouls, candy, and spiders all crouch on the side waiting for Halloween; a holiday that some look over when it does get to September, although they should not. Halloween is a major holiday that is more exciting than Christmas in terms of history, traditions, and in lower expenses.…

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