The True Meaning Of Christmas

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Christmas carols, bargain deals, peppermints and gumdrops, shining lights hanging from house to house, snow and canceled school days, and food that could last as leftovers until Valentine’s day: the most wonderful time of year for millions across our nation. Christmas has evolved over many of years and the traditions have remained in and out of time for families and passed down from generation to generation. Families celebrating and expressing beliefs, personal “meanings” or thoughts that come to mind when they hear “Christmas”. Christmas has also grown to be controversial. Some claiming the true meaning of Christmas has been lost, but others argue, “Was it ever the true meaning”? The population claiming there has been a regression of family …show more content…
Christmas was formed and came to be celebrated after the birth of God’s son, Jesus more than 2000 years ago (Cooper, J. (2016). The idea of giving and receiving was also introduced during this time period. Gifts originated after the Three Wise Men brought baby Jesus Frankincense, Gold, and Myrrh (Cooper, J. (2016). Frankincense representing worship, gold representing King of Kings, and Myrrh representing the fact that Jesus would suffer and die (Cooper, J.(2016). The colors of Christmas also originated from the time period of Jesus’s birth. Green representing holly, ivy, and mistletoe, red representing apples on the paradise tree, gold representing sunlight in the dark winter times, and white representing purity and snow (Cooper, J.(2016). The importance of our generation and generations to come knowing this knowledge is critical. Knowing facts and being aware of where things we celebrate originated allows us to be better-rounded. The other part of being a well-rounded citizen is accepting other views or opinions. People argue that what I was referring to (Jesus’s birthday) is more or less fiction and non-existent. Arguing the Bible is not solid proof or facts to show how Christmas originated. One of the six surveyors had no idea and was never taught that meaning of Christmas. Christmas decades ago was more centered around the Bibles teachings and the birth of Jesus Christ, as we pass generation to generation there is more and more diversity on the origination of

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