Army Integrity Essay

  • The Army Ethic: Ethics And Values To The Army Professionals

    The Army Ethic what is it? How does it relate to the Army values? A quote I found off the CAPE Website summed up everything in maybe two sentences. “The Army Ethic. Our professional ethic is expressed in law, Army Values, creeds, oaths, ethos, and shared beliefs embedded within Army culture. It inspires and motivates the conduct of Army Professionals.” I would like to think the Army Ethic mirrors the Army Values that you can’t have one and not have the other, both must be present in order for there to be a coherent relationship. The Army ethic to me seems to be the foundation for our organization, and the foundation is built on with the Army values. The four values that stick out to me are Respect, Honor, Integrity and Selfless service. I think that without these values the army would not have survived as long as it has and we would not have been able to fight the wars we have let alone win the hearts and minds of the civilians in the AO’s we operate in without these values. As Professionals we should let the Army values and Army Ethics guide us on both the path to success and also the path to better ourselves both in and out of uniform. Practicing ethics allow us to demonstrate our character to others but also ourselves. These values and ethics that we as Soldiers hold so dear are our sets of principles that we must practice day in and out otherwise we may be tempted to breach them and a breach of our ethics can lead to more breaches some of them can even be severe with dire…

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  • The Importance Of Dishonesty In The Army

    There are agreeably many organizational cultures residing in the Army. These are often identified between the different military occupational specialties. However, the biggest distinction in cultures is between conventional Army units and Special Operations units. Conventional Army units adhere to strict policy directed by the Department of the Army. Special Operations unit are also direct to follow the same polices but are known for operating outside the directed lines from the Department of…

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  • I Want To Be An Army Officer Essay

    I decided to become an Army officer because I wanted to have a better future for myself and my family. Becoming an Army officer will come with many rewards. I cannot think of a better job to have than being an officer in the greatest army on the planet. Being an officer in the Alabama National Guard also gives me a chance to not only serve my country but also to serve my community and my state. A key moment for me when deciding if the Army was right for me or not were the storms of April 27,…

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  • The Importance Of Discipline In The Army

    There are many reasons why a soldier should follow all of the orders they are given because every one of them is important in any circumstance. An order is a task given to a soldier that has to be done in a certain period of time in an efficient manner. There are three main reasons of why it’s important for a soldier to follow the orders they are given: To be disciplined, an effective combat, and be a good soldier and love your job. When a soldier doesn’t follow the orders they were given it…

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  • Drill Sergeant First Class Greene As An Army Non-Commissioned Officer Leader

    Drill Sergeant First Class Greene taught me what an Army Non-Commissioned Officer leader should be from my first days in the Army. From the day I met him, SFC Greene personified the Army values: loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage. He taught how to be a Soldier by leading by personal example. He mentored me in lessons about honor and integrity. SFC Greene’s mentoring carries with me through my career. As I learn to be a more effective leader…

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  • My Moral Philosophy Of Duty To A Military

    parents imbedded in my sister and me the ethical values of trust, respect, responsibility, fairness, and loyalty. Even thought I was born and raised in the United States, my first 16 summers were spend in central Mexico, with my grandparents, where my Mexican Heritage and ethical values were even more infused the same way they were into my mother. Being part of the Army Culture for over 17 years as a Soldier, Cadet, and Officer, the Army values that were instilled in me, besides the ones I…

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  • Clean Water Act Case Analysis

    petitioners were brought forth to the United States Supreme Court for violating the Clean Water Act. Rapanos backfilled three wetlands he owned without a permit. Environmental law became extremely important in this case because due to common law, there were a couple of different interpretations of this situation. Army Corps of Engineers and Riverside Bayview Homes were two different cases that held different precedents regarding what was considered the waters of the United States, which in…

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  • Strong Sense Of Personal And Professional Ligrity

    Test yourself! In what life areas have you exhibited strong integrity? In what areas would you like to develop greater integrity? What social work practice situations will challenge you the most to maintain a strong sense of personal and professional integrity? I have exhibited strong integrity while in the military service. In the army one of the seven-army values is integrity. In the military I would come across several brass ammunition cartridges. On military based there are gun ranges who…

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  • Characteristics Of Abraham Lincoln

    In modern times and throughout history there are many individuals who were and are in a leadership role. One of these leaders was Abraham Lincoln. This paper intends to highlight some of the valuable qualities of Lincoln and how they shaped him into a leader. A number of the traits that will be explored are faith, honor and integrity, and the ability to listen. Upon examining history it becomes evident that one of the personal qualities that Lincoln possessed was faith. This faith guided…

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  • Why Is The Army Senior Leader Misconduct

    America’s Dilemma: U.S. Army Senior Leader Misconduct One of the most respected professions among any ethical society has shown a significant weakness among its leadership at an alarming rate in recent history. More specifically, in the United States (U.S.) the Armed Forces are in an ethical dilemma. Among all of the U.S. Armed Forces, the U.S. Army has seen a staggering spike in senior leader misconduct in the twenty-first century, by the likes of which has never been recorded (Tan). In…

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