The Importance Of Communication In Writing

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Demonstrate writing as a recursive process that involves generating material, evaluating sources when appropriate, drafting, revising, and editing.
Employ correct diction, syntax, usage, grammar, and mechanics in a formal written document.
Demonstrate knowledge of course content by creating discipline appropriate written, oral, and/or multimedia presentations. Present information with clarity, accuracy, and precision using discipline appropriate quantitative and visual tools.
In my project, I had to constantly condense the material that I gathered. I edited out what I didn’t really need so that my project wouldn’t drag out so long. I also had to analyze whether the material that I got was reliable. I did this by using reliable
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Typically Black people are seen as a people without culture so a lot of the things that Black people create seems up for grabs. With AAVE this belief cause people to love some aspect of AAVE but still think negatively of those who speak it. This causes conflict within my value system as well as between my value system and others value system. Conflict within my value system can happen because I value my culture, but others might not as much as I do. This forces me into conundrum because do I fight for my culture respect or do I accept and give up because this is inevitable. Also, a conflict between my value system and societal value system is that some see nothing wrong with cultural appropriation which simply erases the culture who created what is being appropriated. Some people love that others are fond of their culture even if it is at their own expense. Thousands of Black children daily are victims of society love of Black cultural but not Black people. Black people suffered by the thousands in school. Their paths to success impeded by ignorance about their language meanwhile companies that won’t hire them and peers that talk negatively of them flaunt their language inaccurately. These are ethical issues that cost lives. Double standards that blatantly shows a Black child his place, and that place is the bottom of …show more content…
Evaluate information for its currency, usefulness, reliability, completeness, accuracy, and relevance.
Integrate research and collected data to support one’s purpose.
In this project, I had to break down a lot of material. Everything from grammar to phonology of AAVE was carefully researched. To do my research, I used the internet to navigate toward different sources. I had to farther learn about some of the material that I came up upon. I was not familiar with some of the terms that was used so I had to search for a lot of definitions so that I can get a farther understanding of what I was reading. My main objective was to prove that AAVE is not substandard English. The material that I brought together delivered on proving that

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