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  • The Importance Of Marketing Automation

    nearly all businesses looking to manage a sales force and grow their business. However, as marketing automation has gained increasing prevalence and adoption over the past five years — exemplified by the growth of Marketo, Pardot and HubSpot, among others — questions still remain for many businesses as to when it makes sense to invest in marketing automation. HERE ARE FOUR KEY CONSIDERATIONS YOU NEED TO MAKE BEFORE PULLING THE TRIGGER ON A MARKETING AUTOMATION PLATFORM: 1. YOUR SALES CYCLE Marketing automation tools can be extremely advantageous when used to nurture a prospect over the course of a long sales cycle (more than three months), or…

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  • Benefits Of Factory Automation

    bacteria. Most importantly TIME Magazine’s man of the year was the computer which was the year the Commodore 64 was released (The People History, Steve Pearson, 2016). Now 34 years later, in 2016 there are endless technology changes. Many of these advancements couldn’t have happened without the integration of factory automation. Factory automation is defined as “1. The automatic operation or control of equipment, a process, or a system. 2. The techniques and equipment used to achieve…

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  • The Importance Of Automation In The Workplace

    Automation Automation is defined as the “technology that actively selects data, transforms information, makes decisions, or controls processes” (Lee & See, 2004, p. 50). It is estimated that 47% employment in the US is at high risk of being automated within a decade or two (Frey & Osborne, 2013). Firstly workers in transportation, logistics, production and administrative support are likely to be some of the first jobs to be replaced by computer automation. Other jobs related to creativity and…

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  • Prototype Of Light Automation System

    RESULT AND DISCUSSION 1. Hardware testing A prototype of street lighting automation system is developed and the whole prototype design is as shown in Figure-9. The design of whole project was done with 12 LEDs, 4 PIR sensors and 1 LDR sensor. All the wiring and connection are connected to Arduino board. This was done by calibrate part by part which is started with LDR sensor, then PIR sensor and lastly LED as light module. During day, all LEDs and PIR sensor is turned off. This condition is…

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  • Accretional Automation Case Study

    Accretional Automation, Revolutionary Consequences Since the dawn of civilized society, all but a select few of us have defined ourselves almost wholly around our occupation of choice. Notice that anytime you are introduced to a person of working age you’ll almost assuredly ask them what they do for a living right after you ask them their name. So much of our self-definition and identity is wrapped up in our need to work a steady job to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table, and we…

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  • Advantages Of Leasing Management Automation

    The demand for agility and speed continues to grow. Leasing management automation answers that demand with qualitative functionality that covers all essential leasing and administrative tasks. Standard and customized modern software solutions for real estate investors and property managers are user friendly, compatible with diverse digital devices and platforms, and industry focused. Regardless of the size of an operation, it is imperative to choose software solutions developed according to best…

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  • The History And Future Of Workplace Automation

    In the sources, “Why Are There Still So Many Jobs? The History and Future of Workplace Automation” by David H. Autor and “The Future of Jobs: How Susceptible are Jobs to Computerisation?” by Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael A. Osborne, The authors’ purpose is to take on the task of explaining the effect of Automation on the labor market in the past and what it means for the future. Autor uses strong logical arguments (logos), and his expertise in economics (ethos) to assert that there will always…

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  • Automation Enigma Case Study

    The Automation Enigma World problems have always faced society. According to a Pew Research study “ISIS, and climate change”(1) were the top two global threats that people were afraid of. The biggest global threat that face humanity is one that has also greatly improved our lives. That threat is Automation. In this paper I’m going to explain why it’s the greatest global threat, how Automation has effected me, solutions that experts have given in the New York Times “Room for Debate”, and what my…

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  • Digi Tech Home Automation Case Study

    The plan pertains to the proposed Digi Tech Home Automation will stock, produce and design and install lighting automation, automated locks, building management systems, fingerprint locks and CCTV cameras. Moreover, it provides advisory services for wholesalers and other clients. The retail store is at its initial stage and will receive full operation and commercialization by mid-year. We shall also offer maintenance services for its installed systems at least cost and discounted prices. Apart…

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  • The Importance Of Field Data Collection Automation

    The U.S. Census Bureau attempted to employ a Field Data Collection Automation (FDCA) program to expedite the collection of information. The FDCA project is important to the Census Bureau for many reasons. The first reason is the reduction of costs associated with the collection of information. Going door to door with paper forms is costly. The actual forms that are used cost the government mass amounts of money to produce. These forms are then peddled door to door by people who are paid wages…

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