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  • Architecture And Modern Architecture: The Evolution Of Architecture

    Today, I am going to talk about architecture where it has combine the latest technology and the magnificent art style that catches our breathe. Architecture is not only about art, yet it is also support and create our civilisations today. Throughout the history, humans had always been living inside buildings. However, there is a difference between building and architecture. Where animals can build: birds build nests for their homes; bees build hives for storage of food. But human developed architecture from a simple cave to an extraordinary work of art and technology. From the marvellous of the pyramids by the Egyptians,the magnificent of Parthenon by the Roman Empire to the skyscrapers in twentieth century, architecture is continually changing…

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  • The Importance Of Architecture In Architecture

    Architecture is a competitive subject to major on due to the intelligence of each student and the environment around each school. Around America architects tend to want to choose a great school to get their architecture diploma from. Architects design the community whether it’s a building, house, park or a residential. Indoors or outdoors the planning and design has to overwhelm the spectator. Becoming an architect takes simple steps: getting a degree in architecture, becoming an intern with…

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  • Modernism And Architecture: The Expression Of Architecture

    The Expression of Architecture The language is the capacity of transmit and receive some information and understand this message, giving it a signification. It is the base of all communication and exchange in human being interaction. This pattern is not only speaking or texting, all human act have meaning and can transfer some idea – architecture, by it forms and shapes, can express a lot. After The Second Word War a new aesthetic, called Modernism, made architecture and all society to change…

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  • Organic Architecture: Organic Architecture

    Is It Organic Architecture, or Not? Years ago, I was traveling out in western America and I discovered something truly remarkable. It was the buildings; they had aesthetics that blended in with their environment and landscape around them, appearing as if they were part of the desert (environment) themselves. Stone and marble rock garnered the front exteriors, much similar to the ones laying on the ground. The exterior walls had tan or brown stucco, giving the feel of the western desert. Then,…

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  • Rational Tectonic Architecture In Architecture

    a key for tectonic, tectonic is a key for construction. The idea of architecture design in this exhibition will be different. Comparing to typical design strategies, which means analysis programs need or volume operation, this exhibition starting from smallest component, joint, to face the architectural discourse. How to apply or face the joints of architecture will show the difference attitude we face to our spacial design. Tectonic is a way to connect components, is a kind of relationship to…

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  • Gothic Architecture: The Evolution Of Gothic Architecture

    Gothic architecture was one aspect of Gothic art, which was the most important and original art form in the Gothic art period and flourished in two major international regions Western Europe and central Europe. According to the process of the evolution of architecture, the Gothic architecture grew out of the Romanesque architectural style. Compared Romanesque style and Gothic style, there were a lot of differences. For instance, the shape of arches, while Romanesque churches had round arches,…

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  • The Importance Of Architecture In Ancient Greek Architecture

    Architecture and interior design are incredible primary sources that have helped historians to look deeply into the cultural, social, and political value of any civilizations in the past. Space planning of a dwelling not only can reflect the function and activity of the people in one culture; it also allows us to have a micro/macro investigation on how people lived and the phenomenon customs that one culture practiced. This investigation is perfectly applicable in order to compare and contrast…

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  • Green Architecture Vs Traditional Architecture

    technology, traditional architecture can be improved so that it benefits not just the residence, but the environment as well. The main concept of architecture is that it is the study of the art and design of structures. As the study of architecture progressed, the practice was redesigned towards accommodating the needs and wants of people. The new discoveries in the fields of science and technology, has allowed architecture to advance to the point of where not just the inhabitants of a structure…

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  • Elements Of Renaissance Architecture Influence Architecture

    What elements of Renaissance architecture are influencing contemporary architecture? Renaissance architecture emerged between the early fourteenth and seventeenth century all around Europe after being developed first in Florence and quickly spreading to other Italian cities. During the Renaissance era, re-established and developed elements of Greek and Roman material culture highlighted this movement amongst the design environment and enabled many architects and artists to create…

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  • The Architecture Of The Parthenon

    However, while specifically examining architecture, the Parthenon 's architect styles and desires have carried on throughout the Classical period and has informed the modern western psyche today. First and foremost the Parthenon was the largest structure to use a doric order design, which is the first style of classical architecture and set the standards for beauty, harmony and strength for all European architecture. Today, many political buildings are made from marble or a similar material…

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