761st Tank Battalion

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  • The Meaning Of Battle Of The Somme

    The plan was simple, practically unbeatable, and a sure win for the Allies. Nothing could possibly allow it to fail. The Battle of the Somme was a complete military blunder when the fight broke out on that dreadful July 1st morning in 1916, to when it ended on November 18th, 1916. Despite the fact that the French needed relief from the German’s at Verdun, the Somme Offensive was only supposed to be a short battle. What it turned into was a mass killing of numerous troops on both sides of the…

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  • Essay On Trebuchet

    Trebuchet: A machine used in medieval siege warfare for hurling large stones or other missiles. This is one of the most important and game changing weapon of all time. When the trebuchet is fired, the weight box falls and the force of gravity causes rotational acceleration of the attached throwing arm around the axle (the fulcrum of the lever). The throwing arm is usually four to six times the length of the counterweight portion. These factors multiply the acceleration transmitted to the…

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  • Disadvantages Of Catapults During The Siege Warfare

    A catapult by definition is a ballistic device use to launch a projectile some distance, in particular. A catapult was a large machine on wheels with a basket attached to a long wooden arm and a power source for hurling projectiles such as large stones and spears. The catapults were integral to the Siege Warfare. They were one of the most effective weapons during the Siege Warfare. They were used by the Greeks, Romans, and Chinese. The first catapults were early attempts to increase the range…

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  • 4th Armored Brigade Combat Team Case Study

    leadership, and ethics issues. While many might categorize these as normal post deployment occurrences, they appear to run much deeper. The events of the previous deployment coupled with the death of the Brigade Commander, Brigade Sergeant Major and a Battalion Commander appear to be the critical events that triggered the downward slide of the Brigade. Several other factors, such as failure to develop the organization and its leaders, failure to properly identify and address stressors and…

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  • My Life Application Essay Sample

    opportunity to lead New Zealand soldiers, and I had finally found a job that I loved. The battalion specialized in jungle operations, and I also had the opportunity to qualify as a paratrooper. I spent two years learning my craft, and was then posted out of the battalion to a Captain’s staff appointment. This was an S1 position on a formation HQ, and lead on to a year as the Adjutant of a Logistics Battalion. As an infantryman I did not particularly relish the opportunity, but of necessity…

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  • Canadian Armed Forces

    Introduction to Where I Work I am currently employed in The Canadian Armed Forces which is the unified armed force of Canada. This unified group consists of air, land and sea forces referred to as the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN), Canadian Army, and Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), I am in the Canadian Army. Personnel may belong to either the Regular Force or the Reserve Force, I am a regular forces member, simply meaning I serve full time. Some reserve members may serve full time as well.…

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  • Bloodhounds Research Paper

    On Monday, May 22, 1865, a small band of soldiers from the 22nd and 28th Iowa regiments left their camp. The night before, there had been a heavy rainstorm. Their destination was a large peach orchard not far from the rows of white canvas. In previous visits to the orchard, soldiers had discovered a kennel of “bloodhounds,” ferocious animals trained for the pursuit of enslaved people and believed by the soldiers to have been used in the apprehension of Union soldiers who escaped from Confederate…

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  • Butler's Cruelty: Summary

    On the afternoon May 22, 1865, a small band of soldiers from the 22nd and 28th Iowa regiments left their camp. There had been a heavy rain the night before. Their destination was a large peach orchard not far from the rows of white canvas. Some of the men had visited the orchard before. They had discovered a kennel of “bloodhounds,” ferocious animals whom they knew were once used in the pursuit of enslaved people and believed had been placed on the trail of Union prisoners of war. The owner of…

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  • Military Innovation In Israel And The Yom Kippur War

    started from the military. The tour through the US Army Heritage and Education Center relayed the ideas and concepts about how the innovation in private sectors was originally derived from military or government funded projects such as the M4 Sherman Tank and the minicomputer. However, they are not identical in the aspect that when a war arises and the country needs more people to research and develop the Israeli innovation will come from their defense force as opposed to the United States’…

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  • Unified Land Operation, Warfighting Functions And Operation System

    Unified land operation is the Army operating concept which is executed through decisive actions and guided by mission command. The Army’s framework for exercising mission command is operations process (plan, prepare, execute, and assess). Embedded by the philosophy and principles of mission command, the commander, supported by his staff, drives the operation process to execute conceptual planning or detailed planning necessary for him to understand, visualize, describe, direct, lead, and…

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