761st Tank Battalion

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  • Talent Management In The Army

    Talent Management is utilized to shape how the Army is meeting the priorities established by the highest levels in regards to taking care of the force. Army priorities over the years change alongside national values and leadership. In recent years, the Army has set a focus on Soldiers and their management throughout the lifecycle of their career. The current Chief of Staff of the Army, General Mark A. Milley communicated the Army’s priority to take care of Soldiers in his Initial Message to the…

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  • World War 1 Summary

    World War I started the twentieth century off with a bang. The war began when Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated by Gavrilo Princip was a nineteen year-old who was a member of the Serbian terrorist group called The Black Hand. The terrorist group requested that if the country had a large population of Serbian peoples that they need to be freed. With the death of the Archduke, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. Austria-Hungary also had a promise from Germany that if…

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  • Essay On Moral Hazard

    Moral Hazard and the Principal-Agent Problem Defined: Moral Hazard can be easily defined as an individual or business will be more likely to take risks because the negative consequences of the risky behavior will be felt by another individual or business (Hill). For example an individual who gets their automobile insured might start speeding or other reckless driving behavior. That same person might let their insurance lapse and will continue to start driving safe once again. However, the…

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  • Kotter's Seven-Step Vision Process Model

    the brigade to provide focus and direction towards the future. After taking command of the brigade and the battalions have changed command as well, I would establish a sense of urgency and build a coalition to help construct the brigade’s vision as a team of leaders who will guide this organization in the future regionally aligned forces mission. The coalition consists of all the battalion commanders and company commanders within the brigade. This creates a team environment and a feeling of…

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  • Sergeant Major Tom Crane's Steps To Heaven

    Sergeant Major Tom Crane is a soldier that polices other soldiers; he works in the Special Investigations Branch as a detective. He is a hard hitting, persistent, hard man, and brash; overall, he is not very nice to anyone, even those on his side of the law. On his cases, he is assisted by his staff Billy and Kim. The series is an English thriller and police procedural; there are also short stories that are part of the series. It is also self-published by Wendy Cartmell, the author of the…

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  • Pigeon Hill Research Paper

    Three brigades near Pigeon Hill, Little Kennesaw and Big Kennesaw was the main assault force of the Army of Tennessee. On the right was Lightburn’s Brigade on his left, attacking the northern side of Burnt Hickory Road against the slopes of Pigeon Hill was Smith’s brigade. On Smith’s Left was Walcutt’s brigade that was aiming for the ground between Pigeon Hill and Little Kennesaw. These three brigades consisted of a total of 5500 men. The Day before the battle Smith’s division had camped…

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  • 4th ABCT Climate Essay

    He is up to date with all of the processes and he stays on top of everything. Major Stanford feels responsible for the deaths of the Brigade Commander, CSM, and the Battalion Commander while in Afghanistan. LTC Tagoli says he needs to get over it. It is clear that Major Stanford needs help, and he may not be getting it. Major Stanford’s issues can be a detriment to himself and the Brigade. Thirdly, there is a lack of…

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  • Walter Rubarth Leadership Analysis

    Imagine being the leader of an eleven-man team made of a hodge-podge group of both Engineers and Infantrymen trying to cross an open river with what seemed like an unending number of French defenses. Imagine having a whole division sized mission stalled by French Artillery from the far bank. This was the situation that Staff Sergeant Walter Rubarth and his team encountered in mid-May, 1940. His leadership helped to open a path for both the 10th Panzer Division and the 1st Panzer Division to…

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  • John Bruce Cairie: The Cause Of Inhumane War

    The tank was described by Bert Chaney, a soldier, as: Huge mechanical monsters such as we had never seen before. My first impression was that they looked ready to topple on their noses, but their tails and the two little wheels at the back held them down and…

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  • Essay On Military Advancements

    The first tank had armor not a single bullet could penetrate, leaving the enemy in the dust. The only weapons on the first tank were two machine guns on each side, a total of four all together. During World War Two tanks battles were an everyday occurrence. When the Korean War started the United States Forces found out how dependent they were on armored vehicles. With Korea’s rough terrain, the tanks could not get the edge they needed on the enemy. Modern…

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