Canadian Army Force Essay Example

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Introduction to Where I Work
I am currently employed in The Canadian Armed Forces which is the unified armed force of Canada. This unified group consists of air, land and sea forces referred to as the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN), Canadian Army, and Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), I am in the Canadian Army. Personnel may belong to either the Regular Force or the Reserve Force, I am a regular forces member, simply meaning I serve full time. Some reserve members may serve full time as well.

Currently, my unit 1CER, is under 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group, 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group (1 CMBG) is a regular force formation in the army of 3rd Canadian Division and is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta. 3rd Canadian Division (3 Cdn Div)
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Rapidly deployable, decisive and aggressive, 1 CMBG soldiers are flexible in mind and action, mentally and physically resilient and relentless in the pursuit of excellence. Intelligent, tough and compassionate, our actions are always beyond reproach, serving as an example to all with whom we interact. We accomplish the mission and take care of one another and our families, always putting service before self. ”

1 Combat Engineer Regiment (1 CER) is a Regular Force regiment of which I belong too of the Canadian Military Engineers. It is located at CFB Edmonton in the Patton Building, and is assigned to 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group. Combat Engineers ensure that troops can live, move, and fight on the battlefield. They also perform construction and demolitions tasks, operate vehicles and equipment, and maintain field installations and
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I work under him because I am a Journeyman Welder in the civilian world and have proven to be a useful troop to help bridge the gap between the rest of the regiment and all the Combat Engineers and the welding department. I often branch out and help the rest of the regiment in Engineer tasks. However, My main bread and butter is assisting in coordinating welding repairs for the maintenance troop and the rest of the regiment. My rich picture focuses on 18 maintenance squadron, maintenance troop at 1CER. There is a regimental reorganization almost every 6 months. Therefore, no position is a permanent position. For the majority of my career until now I have served in multiple roles in 11 Field Squadron and brief employment in 12 field squadrons. While I was employed in 12 I was in a mountain operations field section. However, during my time in 11 Field Squadron, I have been employed in many roles right from a section member to working in Squadron

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