761st Tank Battalion

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  • Kasserine Pass

    1. DEFINE THE SUBJECT/EVALUATE THE SOURSES: a. Battle of the Kasserine Pass The Battle of the Kassserine Pass took place during the Tunisian Campaign of World War II in February of 1943. The Kasserine Pass is a wide gap located on the Atlas Mountains in west central Tunisia. The Allied forces involved in the battle were the U.S Army’s II Corps and the British 6th Armored Division. The Axis forces involved were Afrika Korps Assult Group and two Panzer divisions from the 5th Panzer Army. 2.…

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  • Centurion Tank Analysis

    and superior tank accelerated, which put pressure on all the participating nations: Germany, Russia, the United States, and Great Britain. To compete against German tanks, the British government ordered engineers to design an adaptable tank in 1943. The engineers’ goal would be to design a far superior tank compared to the German counterparts; however, this project did not reach completion until the end of the war in 1945 (Ware 36). This tank design became known as the Centurion tank. Even…

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  • Merchant Of Doubt Ethics

    The movie Merchant of Doubt inspired by the 2010 book of the same name by Naomi Oreskes explores the unethical tactics used by several industries to market unsafe products and make profits. The main theme is climate change, but the movie investigates the business practices of various industries such as tobacco, flame retardant, and oil companies like Exon mobile. The story begins in the 1950 with a look at tobacco industry and their public relations campaign strategies that are designed to…

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  • Archetypes In Stranger Things

    physically do it she remembered she could do so in “the bathtub”. But the bathtub was not big enough. Therefore the group looking for Will decided to build a sensory deprivation take in the school gym “Do you know anything about sensory deprivation tanks? Specifically how to build one”? But they did not know how to do so. So Dustin called Mr Clarke asking for instruction. After a few minutes of persuading, Mr Clarke told Dustin the…

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  • Equity In Dairy Industry

    Equity focuses on the distribution of resources in an “equal” and fair way amongst the members of a society. Efficiency, is defined as the optimal production and allocation of resources. While at first glance, these terms may be hard to grasp, if you take a look at the Canadian dairy farm industry, you will see a great example of how these terms unfold in reality. It illustrates the outcomes of the market when each is in play. To glean a closer look at the effects of efficiency and equity on…

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  • Case Study Of Dairy Farm

    2.1. Dairy Farm The women group consisting of 20 members intends to undertake collective farming with shares as per their investment. Initially the farm will have 10 cows which will be managed collectively as an enterprise by the women members. Those members who cannot afford to purchase a cow will work on the farm earning wages in return. At the rate of 18 liters per day (average yield of milk per cow), the dairy farm will be able to sell 54,900 liters annually. Female calves will be kept at…

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  • Gender Relations In Ethiopia

    Bargaining within the household is often hidden, involving emotional manipulations and unspoken power games that may not be readily detectable or fundamentally threatening (Locke & Okali, 1999, p-275). In response to the problems posed by a unitary conceptualization of the household, economists have proposed alternative household models. These models, especially those embodying the bargaining approach, provide a useful framework for analyzing gender relations (Agarwal, 1997). Research based…

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  • The Importance Of Freshwater Management In New Zealand

    Freshwater management has been of major concern in New Zealand, particularly during the last two decades. There has been consistent decline in water quality and quantity in Canterbury during this time. Consequently, work has been made to improving the way water resources are managed. This report will discuss the consent conditions for the Lincoln University Dairy and Research Farms, consent number CRC143396, and how the consent is monitored. The Resource Management Act (1991), the Dairying Clean…

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  • Riverina Dairy Industry Analysis

    Introduction The commercial viability of an industry, is its overall ability to succeed and be profitable over time. The Riverina region’s dairy industry, consists of twelve farms, producing almost thirty million litres of milk per annum, supplying not only the region but also is a significant contributor to Australia’s manufacturing and export trade of dairy products (Department of Primary Industries, 2014). The sustainability of dairy farming in the Riverina is influenced through significant…

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  • Tank Top Research Paper

    How to Get the Prefix Tank Top before Your Name Step 1: Be a fat kid, get bullied, and avoid tank tops To a fat kid, wearing a tank top is like sticking a note on your own back that says kick me. You’re a target. Kids would make fun of the rolls that weren’t hidden by cloth. Although no matter what clothing you have on you’re a target. When you put your hands up and your shirt follows exposing the fleshy mounds that is your stomach you my dear reader is a target for bullying by kids. Have you…

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