English 111 Reflective Report

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I have successfully finished my first semester in English 111. It has been a very good learning experience for me that has already helped me in other classes. I have enjoyed what I have learned about writing even though at times it has been very stressful. I have managed to show up to every class on time and turn in every assignment. English 111 is a great class to learn how to write effectively and learn to cite work. The work citing activities were probably the most important thing that I learned in class because it was very helpful for the future. My writing strengths and weaknesses have definitely showed throughout this course. My biggest weakness at the beginning was have a proper works cited page. All of the writing assignments had a works cited page. So in the beginning it was my biggest weakness but now I have learned to do it effectively. My strength would have to be completing the assignment with all the criteria met that was required. Also showing up to class every time is something I take pride in. I have never had late assignment or been late to class so that would have to be my biggest strength. The improvements that I have made is being able to have a finished works cited page and being able to write …show more content…
Quiz 3 was the MLA and APA documentation quiz. It was not my best score as a whole but it was not bad either. It was a very good learning experience even though it was not a perfect score. It really helped me to see where to I needed to improve when citing. The note card helped me a lot when taking a quiz because it gave me the help I needed. It was not necessarily an activity but it was one of the things I enjoyed in the class. As far as hating any assignments there were not any but if I had to choose one it would be the argument essay only because of page length. I am just not a big writer so I did not like the number of pages that was required even though it may be under the state

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