The Great Debate : Free Education Essay

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The Great Debate: Free Education This issue has recently been debated lately between candidates, it concerns the nation’s future leaders and a dramatic change in our government. For the economy to making higher wages possible, college needs to be more accessible. The first two years of college for every American citizen should be paid by the U.S. Government and not out of the pockets of students. In fact, it is known that there are many citizens who are fully capable of learning college material, but are not able to afford the expensive education or books. In effect, if college was financially accessible for everyone, there would have to be set regulations such as maintaining a decent GPA and having excellent attendance. Therefore, college should be free to those who truly want a good education for their future, are willing to work hard for it, and use that education to its full ability afterwards. Citizens who truly want an education should be granted one and as upsetting as it is, many of these people can’t afford it. If the government allows this act to take place, there will have to be rules and regulations. The government should set interviews with these citizens and these potential students should display what kind of education they wish to receive and what they plan on doing with the material they will learn. The government should review these interviews and look for the determination of this citizen for a free education. If this citizen is applicable in…

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