Restaurant Marketing Ideas For Online, Offline, And House Audiences

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Restaurant Marketing Ideas for Online, Offline and In-House Audiences
Restaurateurs can use lots of technology and online resources to market and grow their businesses. Modern advertising ideas include traditional advertising, Internet advertising and advertising that targets your customers while they’re in the restaurant. Smart marketing strategies use elements of all these promotional options to build a restaurant brand and engage the restaurant 's core customers while keep costs manageable.

Criteria for Choosing Marketing Ideas
You need to research any marketing idea and consider if there are any risks, or unexpected results could generate a customer backlash or make the idea counterproductive. For example, the Casa Sanchez taqueria in California offered free lunches for life to any customer who got the company 's logo tattooed on him- or herself. Not expecting that people would take the offer seriously, the company immediately got 40 fans who sported the tattoos. The math for providing free lunches for 40 people for 50 years (if they used the free-lunch option every day) totaled $5.8 million. The company quickly limited their offer to the first 50 people, once again proving that there’s no such things as a free lunch.

Savvy marketers consider all aspects of their promotions including worst-case scenarios -- providing lunch every day for 50 or more years would certainly qualify as a big negative. Return on investment is always important. Consider the following…

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