My Story ' Hello I 'm Chelsea ' I ' Essay

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Hello, I’m Chelsea Elizabeth McDaniel and this is my personal narrative! I was born in Phoenix, Arizona and lived in a large, one story house with my half-sister who at the time was 8 and my half-brother who at the time was 10. I went to Madison Elementary and then when I was 6 it was summer time, I went out back to see my dad having a drink on “the rocks” and for some reason I asked, “Hey Dad, are we ever going to move?”. I wasn’t expecting to wake up the next afternoon to the house entirely packed up and suitcases full of clothes, shoes and my favorite plush doll, Ariel.
My little 6 year old mind could not yet comprehend what was going on yet, so I just thought we were playing a game. I asked my mom and dad what was going on at the end of the “game” and they responded something like this “Ever heard of North Carolina?”. After that we loaded up the car and went on our way to travel for three days across the United States to reach Pittsboro, North Carolina. It was the wettest kind of hot I had ever felt! I remember hearing cicadas walking up to my moms friend Joy and her husband Johns house, I hadn’t seen them in a while. My childhood friend, Shawn must have remembered me because he said “Hello!” and would not stop hugging me.
My mom, dad and I lived there for a bit until we found this house on Hwy 87. I thought it looked like the cabin from Sleeping Beauty so of course I told my parents to get it! It was a two story house (Including the above ground basement) roughly 6…

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