What Is My Family Essay

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I had to move all of a sudden when I was eight years old. The place from which has been my home since I was born. I was born in Watsonville, California and there I lived with my family. In my family there is both of my parents and from my sisters it starts with my sister Cecilia who is the oldest, I am the second, and then my third sister is Rebekah, and the baby in the family is my sister Esmeralda. Yep in my family we are all girls. We lived in a small apartment with three rooms, although it seemed like two room because my parents wouldn 't use the third room. The third room just seemed too lonely to be in. In one room all my sisters and me would share a room. We had two twin beds and so it was two to each bed. I liked waking up to the fresh mornings that were just perfect and I could just go outside without having to wear a sweater. Living in Watsonville I had my whole family living there, only the family from my mom’s side because my dad’s family all live in Mexico. Watsonville was a heart warming place because I had everyone there. It was as if the whole family lived …show more content…
I heard my parents say that they wanted to move away from Watsonville to a new place that is suppose to be a better living life for all of us. The words in which my dad mentioned “we are moving”, hit me hard as if I got punched in my stomach, struggling to take a breathe. I didn’t want to tell my sisters what I have heard my parents talk about because I knew that what I just heard would only crush them as well like it did to me. Later on that day my parents called my sisters and me to have a family talk. My sisters had no idea, but I did as I over heard my parents talking. Soon enough my sisters were aware of the change my parents wanted to do. My sisters didn’t take the situation good and they started to cry. All I did was to comfort my

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