Information Technology Can Help You Essay

1010 Words Aug 20th, 2014 5 Pages
Information Technology can help you in many different aspects of your life. A few of these would be your social life, your educational future, in your future profession, and to get a deeper understanding of computer programs and networking. I intend to carry over all of the knowledge I obtained during this week throughout my entire stay here at Job Corps and with any sort of computer assignment I may receive in the future. The personality test we took during this course was even beneficial to me because it gave me reassurance as to who I truly am as a person. It helped me touch base with my true feelings and emotions. I was also able to finally create a resume during this course, which will assist me in finding a job in the future because I now know proper formatting of a resume. This class will help me in my social life because I now have access to the Job Corps student portal. The student portal will help keep me up to date with all things happening in the Job Corps community including student activity, cafeteria menu, and my personal progress. It also gave me access to the Job Corps e-mail service, without the email service I would have been unable to get proof that I no longer work with the company in which I was employed by prior to coming to Job Corps. Without that proof I would have been unable to receive Medi-Cal, which would have led to my termination from the program due to not having health insurance. I also now have access to other student e-mails throughout…

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