Essay on College Is A Big Leap

836 Words Sep 18th, 2015 4 Pages
For some, college is a big leap. You go from being cradled for seventeen years of your life to having all responsibilities being placed into your hands. I for one, had to make that adjustment and for me that was huge. I always had things handled by someone whether it be my parents or teacher depending on the situation. Nothing was ever fully my responsibility. I’m also not very outspoken, public speaking terrifies me, and getting out of my comfort zone isn’t something that I tend to do so the many things that I am not able to do is because that part of me always holds me back. From my previous knowledge of college, I knew that being scared of publicly speaking wasn’t an excuse, it wasn’t going to opt me out of a presentation because professors simply just don’t care about your fears. It’s something that I know I need work on and just being thrown in front of a crowd to speak won’t help me. I have to find ways to gradually overcome it and move on to do the things that I wasn’t able to accomplish before. Before college had started, I always thought of how hard my classes would be. In high school when a subject was difficult for you, there were ways to get around it, you can either do a lot of extra credit or even show that you tried because if the teacher liked you enough, they would increase your grade. In college that is completely different, you not only have to be able to understand the material, but apply what you have learned which makes it a bit harder if that…

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