Reflective Essay: How College Has Changed My Life

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After graduating high school in 2008 my parents gave me two options, go to college or get a job. However, going to college also meant getting a job as well because I still needed some income. I decided that community college was a better fit for me because I didn 't exactly excel in high school. When I enrolled at SUNY Adirondack in the fall of 2008 I was a Liberal Arts major because I still wasn 't sure what I wanted to be when I grew up. My original goal upon completion of a few semesters, was to transfer to a four year university. But, I still had to figure out my interests and decide on a major. Working, going to school, and maintaining a social life as an 18 year old seemed hard for me at the time. I had no idea what the next 7 …show more content…
During my first pregnancy with my son, I would discuss certain things with my client 's at the salon about their experiences as well as mine. When I would tell people that I wanted to deliver naturally with no epidural I got a lot of shocked facial expressions from people telling me I would regret that decision or retract that statement when labor came. I heard terrible stories from different women who had gone to the same practice I was going to for prenatal care. A topic I discussed often with clients was which hospital I should deliver my child in. Many women told me that Saratoga hospital was notorious for handing out pain medications like candy and doing unnecessary cesarean sections against the pregnant mother 's will. I seriously considered switching my doctor 's office 7 months into my pregnancy because they only delivered in Saratoga hospital. But, I decided to stick it out and remain calm like I had been doing throughout the pregnancy. I felt it was best not to get worked up about what people were saying and that whatever was going to happen would happen the way it should. I constantly reminded myself that women have been giving birth for years and that my body was naturally designed for

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