Reflective Essay: The Early College Program

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Discourage according to Webster 's dictionary mean to make (someone) less determined,hopeful, or confident. To be exact of where this is going, this is the feelings teachers and administrators made me feel about my choice of high school and the program i was pursuing. See, i went to Highlands middle school where the school reputation is pretty horrible and to make matters worse i wasn 't the best of all students when it came to conduct but, my grades were impeccable and i want to attend Robert E. Lee for high school and be in the Early college program. The “Early college program” is a program given to select school which they hand pick applicants to be in this program to basically come out of highschool with your associates of arts degree as …show more content…
As I told teachers about my decisions for school some just laughed and walked away, some teachers asked “who do i think i am”?; like the feedback was so negative it made me as a teen feel horrible very lousy about myself. I felt that I was inadequate and incapable of being as superior as i could be i felt like my work didn 't matter and as a student i was horrible,even though i have accolades and accomplishments that prove otherwise but to hear that from the people that taught me made it feel as if my grade was a gift instead of something i earned. During the next few days even weeks that past i became complacent and very dis attached from my normal self, i stopped talking and being social, i began to eat less at home, i wasn 't enthused with my extra curricular activities (ie: track, football,kappa league, and step team) i became mildly depressed and it began to show in all areas of my life. I really stayed to myself and my thoughts i questioned my abilities as a student and as a human it seem as if i put myself in a ball in my head and let my body roam free for a few weeks because i was so emotionally detached from myself those thoughts and images of teacher just replayed in my mind, as if i was in a movie that i was forced to watch repeatedly each time bringing …show more content…
But, that all changed with a letter that came in the mail. A letter that was addressed to I Joshua Sanders from the Duval County Public School Board,Magnet Program Office. The letter that let me know i was accepted to all three schools of my choice for high school which made me light up immediately i was as happy as Cory from boy meets world when Topanga came back in final episodes. I mean total glee and very very vengeful, I had an agenda to go back to every teacher that hurt my little soul and rub this paper in their faces literally. January 6, 2012 i approached highlands with all smile but not a normal smile a smile that was of the joker when divulging his plan to the world. I got out the car letter in hand and making my first step be in the main office to go see my beloved (sarcasm) administrator and let her read this letter in astonishment her face as she read was pretty similar to the others. It was a face of total appal and i didn 't want to hear either of them speak just as they were getting words out, I snatched my paper and walked stylishly

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