Personal Essay: Why I Am Attending College

Essay # 2 Why I Am Attending College
As I observed my fellow classmates graduate high school, I anxiously awaited to hear my name announced. Finally it was my turn, “Teresa Hall” rang loudly over the two black speakers. I ran up the steep wooden steps, and fumbled my way across the rickety old stage. Then, I shook the sweaty hands of the school board members and grabbed my high school diploma. After years of eagerly waiting for this moment, it was over in a flash. It was now time to ask myself “what do I want to do with the rest of my life?” The possibilities were endless, but I still struggled to answer this one simple question and it confused me as to why I could not answer it or commit to a career path. Fifteen years later I can finally answer my own question: I want to become what nobody else in my family has ever accomplished and that is become a college student. Additionally, I hope by becoming a college student I can create a positive impact on my family and make a genuine difference within my career.
My first reason for attending college is to become the first-generation in my family to receive a college degree. Unfortunately, nobody in my family has ever attended college. As a result, it has caused both emotional and
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Setting a prime example for them has been a huge influence for me to attend college. While I was growing up I was not blessed with a good family structure to follow, and I felt it initially hindered my educational potential. So by showing them how important an education is, I hope to provide them with something I never had a positive role model. Another factor in becoming a positive role model is giving my children and younger siblings an additional person to admire, respect, and look up to for guidance. Consequently, I hope by achieving my dreams I will create a respectable path for them to

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