Reflective Essay: How To Be Successful In College

Being in college is such a transition from what I am used to. I have been put into this new environment and am slowly learning to adapt being that it is my second week. This time of adaptation to this new world is also a time of growth and reflection. Since my parents are not here to always check up on me, I can now make my own decisions and grow into the adult I was meant to be. Also, all this alone time gives me time to reflect on my past academic journey as a student. Although a lot of things went well because I ended up getting accepted into UCF, I did experience some challenges. Reflecting on my past as a student really helps me know what I need to work harder on in order to be successful in college. To begin, from when I was very young to now I have been a pretty good student. In elementary school throughout the beginning of high school, I was making honor roll or principals list with my good grades. For example, in elementary and middle school especially, I would receive diplomas for getting good grades all year. Getting good grades was and still is very important to me. My mother would always push me to achieve better grades since I was a …show more content…
Towards the end of high school, I got accepted into an early college program at a nearby community college. I was able to get two years of college for free along with receiving an Associates of Arts degree. The program was very challenging being that I had never had any experience with going to college. I made a few C’s my first two semesters and was so upset. I had never been challenged so much since I was so used to the high school way of things where I could slack off and still make an A. I quickly learned I had to change up my studying skills if I wanted to do well. I am very glad I did the early college program because it better prepared me for university. Even though I am sure university will be more

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